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  1. Fola Fapohunda


  2. salman zedan


  3. madandsar !


  4. monika laosi

    Allison Looking Like Brazilian Jesus out There 😂. And Hes back to save us

  5. Hikaru Endou


  6. jsz jsz

    who is after seeing mane's lockdown look

  7. Syaril R

    I still love that Andy Robertson shot, it show him a world class star player

  8. elA intel

    wheres allison?

  9. jely day

    what a crazy night🔥🔥🔥🌈😂

  10. Wan Gar

    4:24 what robertson this is? Is not good. Im real madrid fans but im like and respect Lionel Messi

  11. Will Nicholls

    Mums life that's the doctor that works in the doctors near me his name Is dr gavins

  12. Omar

    10:56 Andserson doing Salah prayer,,,,,

  13. Agus iwan

    Every time I see you two I am also entertained by your jokes. You are great people, hope none of you leave liverpool

  14. leftenantthunder

    Yossi Benayoun was so underrated

  15. Akram Ebrahim

    Sturridge ridiculous good. Speed really fast brilliant ball control dribble touch brilliant finishing. Exactly what you want in a striker reak real shame injuries ended his career. One half of thr best strikeforce ever in England.

  16. Zulqe

    Want him back

  17. Gary Brown

    Messi isn’t the best player according to that kid, he has to get released asap😂😂😂🤷‍♂️😂😂

  18. Woody Osborn

    I thought Klopp was going to fall off the coach

  19. Omar

    Alexander looks like the young Ali :-)

  20. Omar

    Klop substituted Salah for his selfishness, he got tired of him playing like that.

  21. Akram Ebrahim

    Emre classy player miss him

  22. Askinncicek çiçek

    I think that firminho could be better

  23. Agus iwan

    A compact team and friendly player. Very rarely is there a team like them. Muhammad Salah.. Congratulations to you, you bring cohesiveness and victory for the team. Greetings from us Indonesia

  24. Cauã Falcão


  25. strpk5304

    Was that Adam lallana 1:58

  26. Lorcanoliver

    Bruh that kid James has the dedest expression like he’s so plain tf

  27. Agus iwan

    Mohammed Salah .. Very polite, cheerful and anyone who met him would love to see it. It was lucky that Liverpool fans first saw and photographed with M Salah Minute 6:47 its nice moment

  28. Farhan Mohd Mustapar

    Good team spirit

  29. Igor Lthn

    City players never expected henderson to make that crossing

  30. Chickenless Bone

    It's hard to be Dutch and being a Everton fan ngl...

  31. Kral _EBK

    Adrian da saint😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Kevin Shore

    The Gerrard pass, outside of the right foot for Torres's first league goal was quality

  33. Mikal Er kul

    R.I.P. Messi

  34. Dimitar Taskov

    god i miss the game so much

  35. John Anders

    so nobody for Liverpool actually plays for Liverpool - dirty stinking cheating filth

    1. monika laosi

      You'll Never Walk Alone, Your Neighbors We Are, We Are Liverpool YNWA ⚽

  36. Belal Ghorab

    4:26 when Andy Robertson gave Messi a smack on the head that was gold 😂

  37. Nacho Ankert

    Pensar que el rincon deGiorgio tiene más subs que el Liverpool

  38. Belal Ghorab

    Cmon klopp we all know the smile at the beginning was fake

  39. Hartaty Sirait

    A year later, I'm still smiling from ear to ear watching this. Amazing scene. What a club!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. James Wheatley

    2:38 Fabinho's touch since his injury still has come back then?

  41. Hartaty Sirait

    Just wandering around. I miss football. 😞

  42. Joaquin Delpiano


  43. Joaquin Delpiano

    Atletico de madrid...

  44. Brian O Cadhain

    Welcome back lads 💪

  45. stevebrophys

    Hope not skipping the ads can help towards the Werner fund. Doing everything to do my part

  46. Jeilsa Jesus

    Pucha vida ficou faltando o Alisson

  47. Bankit Kupar

    Where's A. Becker?

  48. John Juanda

    You know it is a pandemic going on when you see Firmino has done absolutely nothing with his hair.

  49. João pedro Vieira

    Please liverpool 2008/2009 goals

  50. Anthony Newnes

    Always good to beat the prawn sarnie munchers at the theatre of wet dreams😜scousers rule the country x6

  51. nameless

    Not Allison?

  52. HC - Hema Channel

    Firmino looks like a 15 - year - old boy with this hair

  53. Elizangela Barbosa

    Contrata o Coutinho de novo

  54. Aashis Rajbhandari

    sad thing we are out of CL but at end winning precious trophy after 30 years excellent

  55. Hülya İNCİ

    Van dijk is the Best in the world💪💪

  56. A Roshan

    Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley are the GREATEST Managers Ever.

  57. Akram wahba Akram wahba

    Welcome back

  58. ifedapo ebiesuwa

    I just want to say Benitez not playing Crouch in the 2nd final showdown against AC Milan is why I am not a fan of the man. Crouch would have tortured that AC Milan defense.

  59. Ommu Kanzah Pendatun

    7:00 witwiw

  60. Charlie Charlie

    A solitary United fan venturing into a very scouse and borderline illiterate comments section to remind you that you have as much chance of winning the Champions League this season as we do.


    fuke you mahrez

  62. danieljamesmead


  63. DJ Fl1pper 06

    salad what a guy you can tell he tried to assist minamino but he got tangled with keita unlucky that lad is minamino

  64. Bruno Pluciński

    origi but have 99 after champions league semi fial and final

  65. Big Ting

    gerraaaaaaaard what a hit son what a hit

  66. Mary Gillmeister

    Suarez was the highlight of that rather mediocre league campaign. I loved his time with us, such an exciting player to watch.

  67. احمد حجي

    ربي يوفقك محمد صلاح

  68. Oli

    The beginning of the end. Here we go!

    1. Oli

      Also great to see the lads haven’t had their hair done. Not sure whether it was instructed but it’s refreshing

  69. Mary Gillmeister

    Excellent feature giving us some insight into this role. Thanks

  70. GuruJamz

    Wow some of Gerrards passes were unreal, such variation aswell. At age 21 too, such a shame he had to wait until 2008 to have a good team around him and challenge for the title again. The owners in that period really screwed up not making the most of a gem that they had.

  71. George Middlemore

    That period with Rafa between 05-09, I fucking loved that team. Such a shame we never managed to win a premier league with that squad.