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  1. jamaicangirl2000

    "You guys better be paying me Odell money for this."

  2. bowen voowy

    The Last Dance Battle is full of darkness and hard to see, but still more visible than the battle of white walkers in GOT

  3. A. M.

    The expression ''you are what you eat'' never got so real

  4. Ali Sakhi

    Bang these nuts I've always thought it was pretty corny.

  5. IvxLeD

    I didn’t know Kevin Durant was a cannibal

  6. Dwight Jr. Pilotin

    Lonzo Klay Kawhi KD Embiid Good luck scoring on that team's D.

  7. Bogart Mondragon

    She’s good like Juwanna Mann

  8. Gary Noyne

    I'm no grammar expert, however I do believe it's supposed to read "Capital One's: The Match"

  9. Dwight Jr. Pilotin

    Fisher Kobe Horry Pau Shaq 3 HOFs, 2 proven winners

  10. Rich Miller

    Charles has a smoother swing

  11. Ken Johnson

    Shake hands for gods sake.

  12. littl3m0nkey

    Even Jordan's memes are better than Lebron Jordan = GOAT

  13. Jared Dudley the Goat

    If they played me they would have one smh.

  14. winthorpetrois

    Missed it on the amateur side.

  15. mbords 6

    Why is Tarik tall

  16. Serious

    They trolled LeBron like a MF 😂

  17. Scooter Ball

    Normally we’d be getting another episode of Game of Zones right now 😔

  18. Doc Holliday

    Man I love this stuff!

  19. Austin Hamilton

    Charles Barkley might be the funniest dude on the planet

  20. Michael McGiggles

    20 mill. That's insanely awesome.

  21. Isaiah Stewart

    Paul Pierce lost HORSE to Zach LaVine. GOAT LaVine.

    1. bowen voowy

      Kyrie: stories, battle blah blah blah Grumpy boys: *looks at each other Kyrie: also if we don't rebuild this, we won't be rich anymore and we'll have to get real jobs. Grumpy boy

  22. Anwar Wallace

    Paul pierce definitely not the goat...😂😂😂

  23. Chad OchoNueve


  24. William Munro

    It kinda seems like every single time they pan over LeBron after AC dunks he always just has this 'the fuck?' look on his face and it's hilarious!

  25. Aleksi Kauranen

    you really gonna tell me they all drove there simutaneously in the same model audis

  26. Dino Soprano

    He did the same thing at a baseball game as a security guard. So what is he? Sec. Guard or Cop?? Or actor?? 🤔

  27. Basketball h.r vidz

    Doesn’t this make KD a cannibal

  28. Fake_ghost_ayden

    i wouldve gone over to gobert and beat the shit out of him. dumbass

  29. Josh Terry24

    where is KAT

  30. Carter Hudson

    I thought we were supposed to be better than game of thrones here :'(

  31. QuelakaLilNino

    released an album on SoundCloud, whenever y’all got time lmk how y’all got feel bout it (QuelakaNino-BLURRED VISION)

  32. Retrokix

    Idc what anybody say.. IT was hooping this year. There’s no way you can tell me there’s 30 other Point guards you would want over this dude

    1. Domonkos Tegzes

      His offense was always there, its just that he is such a liability on defense no team wants him on the court

  33. Minmin 16

    Dudley like :"man, can you shoot 3pt?" Simmon: I can! just 2 3pt in a season.

  34. Fernando Angelone

    Night and day difference between the fans/people in Milwaukee/Wisconsin compared to the ones in Miami/Florida. Lol. You can easily tell it's a different atmosphere up there with everything. I like it though 🏀🏈👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. Kevin Mantilla

    cp3 is a man of the people

  36. Kyle Kuzma

    Want to see more fights like that

  37. noel reuben

    swear,this highlight just make me wanna run

  38. Random Cat

    Sixers were number 2: only they forced the Raptors to 7 games, nobody else won game 6

  39. Jasper A. Kwayu

    What i see is a 5th or 6th seed probably 7th...

  40. Kyle Theune

    Hey did he get over his little camera hiccups? Good for him

  41. sniper7ize

    That’s what players don’t get nowadays. Winning a championship is good but having an impact on a community is better. He never won a championship in OKC but he’ll be a legend there forever

  42. Keun Pruitt

    😂 chuck your golf game needs help 😂

  43. Dashing_Davey

    Shaq is a damn fool 🤣😂😭

  44. Alexander Hoang

    I'd boo him 2

  45. Beastmodebrony And wwe

    Tom is a goat but you’re also forgetting Manning is a goat too not just Tom Lol.

  46. Ossie TAIT [11H2]

    Lebron is the GOAT he's better than MJ

  47. gmann2101

    PaP always out here reppin

  48. Knight rises

    The dude that think he has a big mascular body walking like a penguin

  49. sniper7ize

    It took Chicago to host the best All Star game ever. Proud of my city

  50. Secundra Beasley

    This needs to be a regular series on this channel.

  51. Ian Folmar


  52. HOKAGE

    soo kd eating himself?

  53. juntao11

    0:04 look on mascots face priceless 😏👌

  54. Nockulus

    “I beat Jordan in his prime , I just didn’t have the cameras on”

  55. KGH_ 21



    Herro got that winners mentality

  57. ƲՕƗƉ ɢǟʍɨռɢ

    looks like paul pierce is da real goat

  58. noel reuben

    0:23 Where the fuc-

  59. Wise P

    Hey Chuck! How could you bet against the GOAT?

  60. 冨田將美


  61. Silvia Oino

    That filming crew is too alot.

  62. temi adeyeye

    The roar of that stadium when the first goal was scored still gives me chills.. good game

  63. Mialy Sandy

    That's unfair he's so tall combined with his huge wingspan..... 😕😕😕

  64. Colton Lagnese

    I miss John Wall wizards fan

  65. Tom C

    Watching chuck playing golf is like watching baseball

  66. jc zyver

    If you ain't taking Kawhi at 3$, you know your dumb!

  67. TTV_symzy09

    Who's watching this in 2020 Christian is in Chelsea

  68. Edward Jordan

    What would Charles NOT do ? lol

  69. Uninsulated Shrimp

    I love that tiger and Phil have to express what they're thinking in their head about the shot. Rare insight

  70. Cristopher James

    Someone explain to me why leap frog was not involved in the making

  71. ADAJ3

    Beal was the unsung hero of this game. He played well when Wall struggled earlier, & hit some big shots in the last few minutes. The last shot was drawn up for him, but he was defended well, so Wall had to step up and hit a 3.

  72. kk

    An underrated clutch shot in history. This was the shot that made up for Paul Pierces that didnt count against the hawks. He literally saved their season

  73. Marquis Harris

    You cant win the AFC😭😭😭😭😭😭

  74. Jomo Hector


  75. Noah Devore

    what u would do with the 15 steph curry at point James harden as sg Lebron as sf Carmelo as pf giannis a center there you go you just got topped One of the best player. two of the best shooters. 2 good defenders.

  76. reuk

    He's good. Not so extraordinary bad in the past years I guess we all have that Chuck Problem on every first tee

  77. alpngso

    Lowe post interview brought me back. Still don’t understand why Raps fans were mad about not getting another episode after the championship. Not like they are owed one.

  78. Neotorious Gaming

    Kobe Shaq Gasol Fisher Jones

  79. Mythical Baller

    As a Wizards fan, I miss John Wall. I’m glad to hear that he’s coming back next year

  80. Mc LBJ

    Notice the Bucks and Warriors aren’t invited. It’s the LeBron all-star team😂

  81. Ali Haji

    This guy is selfish piece shit. He kept brothers from going in japan and compete .

  82. Titan Segundera 2.0

    The Shrug.

  83. mrelove72

    "Game 6 Klay" was in the making last year, lucky for Toronto he got hurt, otherwise it's another championship.

  84. Qiling Wang

    Defense nowadays is nonexistent. NBA has lost its beauty

  85. John Smith

    Lebron fan here, but I dont hate GS, I love the splash bros, I wish KD didnt join them but I also wish Lebron didnt stack either, Thanos needs to come in and control the balance back in the NBA lol

  86. Corey A. Moore

    Another absolute gem ... minus the ending😂😂

  87. Chill Tv


  88. monkeyninja20007

    Now imagine that was yr dad

  89. Mc LBJ

    Melo would NEVER argue kyrie over cp3 neither would Westbrook.

  90. Carl Posada


  91. Keane White IR Productions

    Thank you

  92. mark louis suderio

    He's already holding his own ground against one of the Bestest...

  93. Gokul Menon

    There will be a place for him right next to Kendrick Perkins for "expert opinion", post retirement.

  94. Panther Black

    So how did it finish

  95. James Morant

    His composure at the end is priceless

  96. Владимир Саратовский


  97. Самур Чечекпаа

    Next episode: eating AK-47 with Andrew Kirilenko

  98. Son Jakku

    Miss 2017 🥺

  99. Fannie May

    Just curious is it easy to learn golf? Havn't tried this lol

  100. Kuro

    Seeing Kyrie, Curry, Durant, Klay not on the all star game is weird, yet the new rules for the 4th quarter was a great idea.