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  1. Maria Jourine

    How I sing in my dreams: they say dance monkey How i sing in real life: theeyy sayy mof mof mie mie How my little sis sings: Tey se Mo Mo Mo Mi mi


    I didn't realize who made this until the video ended

  3. MrunaalJ

    My talented man 😍😍

  4. odick k


  5. Kalvin Barris

    Jimmy did a great job with the Post Malone thing. That shit was awesome. Now I know why he gets paid the big bucks..

  6. papyno13

    great movie...better than the first and the second bad boys. i love it

  7. Jonas Hansen

    I HATE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Muhamad Irfan

    The fact that she sounds exactly like her recording makes this even more better

  9. Laura Ugarte banda


  10. Erin Vinson

    Don't know what's more funny... Ellen lip syncing B^tch better have my money or thinking about her driving in her car down the street and singing B^tch better have my money!

  11. Leons

    Now imagine watching every episode of star wars to find one word u need

  12. Claudia Lil

    She said "lets copy rosalia's performance" I know rosalia didnt invent it but cmon, dont tell me that this doesnt look like a Rosalia performce. The whole permormance reminded me of her. At least give the credits lol.

  13. Sandy Perez

    Que vivan nicky y j balvin y viva la musica latina.....

  14. Lego Rebel Pilot


  15. Lea Chase-Haller

    I knew when this kid started his first season, as our Starting Quarterback, that he was going to be special. I am one of those lifetime fans who loved them even when they were struggling. All those dry years that somehow gave us hope that one day.....Now that day has come....Chiefs Kingdom celebrates the return of the Lamar Hunt Trophy for winning the AFC Championship and a ticket to the Superbowl. SO PROUD!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!

  16. Spark 515

    Damn that was amazing

  17. Ransom Ron

    She looks like Jada Pinkett in that video clip of the movie.

  18. erin f

    2015: lol nope 2016: still no 2017: maybe later 2018: no. Just no 2019: almost 2020: *now*

  19. paige bachman

    This sketch is literally about having one truth and one lie.... I don't know why everyone is acting so ridiculous about her telling the lie.... They chose envelope number one. WHO CARES LMAO... Honestly had no idea who Camila was, but everyone in the comments are acting ridiculously jealous. No one ever cares when someone is lying on here because that's the point. They don't sit there and decide "oh, we pity her lying skills... let's make her feel better and say it was true!" Lmfao I don't know why people are trying to tear her down, but let her live. Also, Jimmy did the same thing when he told his lie. He over shared. Get the frick over yourselves.

  20. William Valentine

    Can I please just find american reactions and not UK praising

  21. emanuel youtuberino


  22. Melissa Hedrick

    Best experience ive had in years thanks JIM 💘

  23. Nikhil Nikhi

    3:06 No_one Taraji P henson! Lol!

  24. Wildmansam

    “With her *FINN* ger and her thumb”

  25. Roshan _

    OMFG I am listening to him for the first time out if his character and that accent had me confused for a sec

  26. Dawn Bailey

    I don’t watch football anymore since that take a knee 💩 crap but I’m glad to see a lad with a good head and 💜 heart making headlines.

  27. DAUS artwork

    thats very good acting btw

  28. Andreas Vera

    i cant stand jimmy fallon

  29. THYANA

    Jimmy Trump is fantastic

  30. BASMLove

    I thought the title was gonna say Justin Bieber

  31. Lenir Pereira

    Quem ama essa música da do gostei😍 OBS:Só os brasileiros 🤭

  32. Stacey Hallums


  33. Maximus Washington

    The Dotard in Chief

  34. Miss Reacher

    Hugh, with his most serious detective demeanour, "Was it Colbert?..."

  35. OhWhyNevermind

    “Gotta admit, that bikini was hot.”

  36. Диана Мухаметжанова


  37. Echo Loco

    Before the dark times... Before the Lady Jedi

  38. Helaas pindakaas

    Omg why it needs to be all fake does hè think we are stupid And we dont notice

  39. NBA BC

    Snoop Dogg disliked this video.

  40. K K

    Hugh's 'Alright' was hilarious!

  41. Lisa Toussaint

    Have I been saying Zebra wrong my whole life?

  42. Ian M

    Ok so can we point out the fact that they sound amazing? Like make a Star Wars musical dammit

  43. Saurabh Toppo

    Jimmy's hair tho

  44. Juliana Ojeda


  45. bigraviolees

    Everything is easier when horny people watch u. They'd applaud her for picking her nose


    The reason he walked out is deeper than the fact the she doenst know "Martin" he walked out because if she doesnt know that show she most likely dont even know about black culture but trying to do interviews with a black artists smh

  47. roger c

    the next one to go on mt Rushmore is obama, they would put his likeness below the ones already there so they could piss on his head

  48. NBA BC

    He sounds like Triple H if he was in his 70's

  49. Tej bahadur singh Rathore

    Congratulations i know allready Selena Gomez are best'

  50. Каджв Очовл

    She so fat

  51. Gokhan K

    Damn Jimmy Fallon you made this interview super awkward...

  52. Daniel Chavarria

    Estan normalizando el sobrepeso y la obesidad?

  53. Sasha Bengisu

    Texas is not the south

  54. Bolaji Aiyegboyin

    David bawo ni, big up man.naija says hi.

  55. luthfi zulfrinur

    i deadass think this girl was a boy in her mv

  56. anonymous dan

    *_Isn't that boring_*

  57. Monica Lopez

    True because I keep hoping they would of gotten together!!

  58. matas dubra

    Why does kim have a iphone 7? And she's a millionaire

  59. Anti Xingyunn

    0:58 is fuck my life

  60. cinthya erika

    How his voice changed as he grew up:')

  61. Liadamig Rivera

    I’m from Puerto Rico!

  62. DogeMemeYT

    Robert: This is Gazelle Kevin: OH SH*T

  63. Okra Branding

    Jimmy Fallon isn't funny at all

  64. deadheaders86

    There once was a man from Venus, with a haircut like Anthony Kiedis...

  65. john ben daniel

    Jimmy you don't belong to this world you are.. an another level

  66. Alaa Cheikh

    I love the reactions of Brad. He makes them so natural.

  67. Alyssa P

    "this toupee might be Orville's family" this is sad, but the way jimmy said it just make me snickers. I'm very sorry ):

  68. Tej bahadur singh Rathore

    Looking gorgeous beautiful lovely love to see you love you so much beautiful

  69. Anti Xingyunn

    0:56 Morgan Freeman what have I done with my life

  70. csufr1

    Anyone else cringe when he put the game box in front of the cartridge? Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  71. Robert Hunt

    The pace, inflections and gestures of a master!

  72. latinbeandip

    i dont care what anyone says Jimmy is the funniest person on earth!

  73. Brimadawna

    I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Ясмин Беркут

    Тут есть казахи?

  75. Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem

    I didn't realize I was going to be watching a deepfake...

  76. Leah Esquibel

    Hahahahaha this is awesome

  77. Lil• Autumn


  78. Ajay Krishnan S

    40 million ..For a 4:30 min video..That's something

  79. TeFA1R

    Whoever chose the thumbnail, they need a raise.

  80. Shit Tat

    I didn't know any of these songs

  81. MaiWorld

    Jimmy Fallon did a great job of just playing off of what JP was saying, maybe to make him feel comfortable? I actually enjoy this interview.

  82. LMAO

    haters will say its fake

  83. kylie dinner

    yknow after all those painful days now she seem heartless well i can relate😭

  84. starsan

    I love seeing famous people feeling awkward as fuck. Also remember boys, hot women can like you

  85. F. O.


  86. Ellie-Mai Peers

    I learned the song, just to be like danny radcliffw

  87. Andrea Castro

    why did I cry watching this? I miss her she’s so inactive rn 😭😭😭

  88. Sticks Itinya

    San Fransisky ??? did you drove n did ya flew??? see how many canadians get that one???

  89. Morena Índia

    Beautiful! Brazil loves you❤

  90. Christina Manzella

    Although Jimin is my bias, each of these young men are gorgeous and brilliant in their own way. This performance gives me my daily boost of energy. Way to go BTS!

  91. jout uber

    one of these guys is fake as fuck the other one is the one

  92. wavy jr

    Whos here after chiefs beating the titans and going SB LV

  93. SpeciamDraws

    I don't know if anyone really realized this but in the movie 1917, George MacKay's hands were HUGE. (Or everyone else had small hands).

  94. Nazreen Ali

    My wish when the clock struck 1.01am on New Year's day was to see Trump's dentures falling out during a speech...that will emasculate him if nothing else does..

  95. Алінка Парафілка

    Ahaha again)))

  96. Jacqueline Schwindt


  97. Christopher Zhang

    0:04 0:19 0:31 you're welcome

  98. Ahmed Zawad Shovon

    Colonel Landa's impression of Christoph Waltz is spot on!

  99. Daniel Lee

    ...did I just walk up in a mall?

  100. Olivia Parker

    l love how natural they and enjoying themselves any environment they have...