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  1. Lizard hunting Gilly


  2. jeepwrangler2828

    I didn’t know Rudy was so go @ piano If you agree 👇


    That was cool

  4. Ammar _kh

    My gf broke up with me last night :(

  5. anas khan afridi

    Yukhhh ... hairy armpits..

  6. M o c h i P a n

    At least pineapple is true

  7. ぽこわーくす

    この動画の日本語字幕を作成しました。 字幕は複数人から審査を受けないと表示されないので、 もし英語が分かる方がいましたら、審査していただけると嬉しいです。

  8. Lee Mabo

    Om gosh i played is over and over like 9 times!😂

  9. Chubby Chubb

    She sounds so sweet ☺️ 5:17 😊

  10. Adyan Ahmed

    Imagine if he sneezed at the end

  11. Icarus Mv

    Why i like rudy bcs i never see fucking advertising when i see his videos lol

  12. Wandering & Wondering

    How is this racist?

  13. Thi NiX

    First name Wardell middle name Stephen last name curry

  14. Adrian Galang

    anwar is so funny

  15. Zolaika Bexly

    I don't believe in God either so yeah fuck god nd Jesus 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  16. XxTylerxX _Playz

    Dayum who's the narrator

  17. misslanfeartelamon

    i love Alberto


    Its suppost 6 infinity stone

  19. Mohima Haque

    Rudy looks like camila cabello

  20. Elijah Markson

    Is rudy dating lele?

  21. tae tae’s wifeu UwU

    I’ve never been in a relationship, soooo *cries in single* ;-;

  22. Caramel Moon

    Captain America bullied Batmam ;c

  23. sам І М

    Rudy looks much sexy then real one's (face)

  24. somnath dey


  25. Olter Mini

    I loved this 💖

  26. Frances Ogilvie

    This sound like a god damn Beatles song

  27. ZipZae Zaveon

    Watching this video normally... then BOOM!... Tiktok. #2019

  28. Colin Huynh

    Does anyone know or have the music sheet for the piano melody??

  29. Macy Ward

    Some of the things I can relate to a girl but some things I relate to a boy because I play piano

  30. Aliyah Extrem


  31. ryan Fillis


  32. stopstyle


  33. Awesome Footprints

    Can you PLEASE upload your pianosheet music to musicnotes?❤

  34. xxx squad

    The three amigos

  35. gioo gioo

    Same Shit Again

  36. omega s

    It's only fruad if you get caught😂😂😂

  37. SRB Milos

    Do you know that captain America is in David dobrik vlogs

  38. Mohammed Afzal

    Wife - cancelling headphones is the best done by pineapple

  39. TTV_Marblez

    Actually the Canadian super man was the last one standing so 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  40. Sosig

    These American videos are not funny British comedies are funny like uncle

  41. Leah Matthews

    Genie:your a little BITCH!!! Me:WTF!!! Genie: Wish anything Me:Anything?

  42. Zhenyu Wang

    Apple pen……pineapple pen Ahh Pineapple pro

  43. milan kupa

    Wait what do I say tho

  44. Taisha Contreras

    At 2:34 superman said that no one is better than super man but then at the start of the video flash slapped him. Me: 2:59 flash is better

  45. chrischin airdoizo

    Cool story, bro.

  46. Eros Garcia

    simply the best video in the world

  47. Leah Matthews


  48. christian baquiran

    Firing on they are you baby kiss me word cipher

  49. 徐雅斯

    it is so funny . nice video !!

  50. SGamerZYT

    ah s*&t here we go again 8:15

  51. Not Fitz


  52. Jack goodall

    you just gained a new subscriber. Nuff said.

  53. Jochris TM

    Im greek and this is so damn funny

  54. Ellie pinzone

    luvu all

  55. ApkMaster - Apk And Mod

    Lol jonah and jeff

  56. Bicycle Boxing

    Who was the girl at 1:26?

  57. John Carlos

    You promise you won't call me stupid iPhone:Yes I promise 8 seconds later iPhone:Stupid

  58. Channel with weird videos

    I really want that pineapple pencil.

  59. Xeogarge

    Rudy: What the fuck mom Mom: Don’t say fuck, it’s not nice


    Anwar what's with the hammer? 😂🤣

  61. Pam Pearson

    B x

  62. ThePursenelDeadEndPurage Die

    I am such a dick

  63. ThePursenelDeadEndPurage Die

    Holly shit what the fuck have Indine

  64. Loren Martinez


  65. Angel Rodriguez

    Was that Justin Bieber??

  66. Loren Martinez

    Omg😂😂😂its funny How accurate this is.😂😂😂

  67. abdul obeidat

    The only video i like from all videos you have done before this video show the reality of humans

  68. Marga Pérez Jiménez


  69. Kxng Savage

    2:45 4:00 ~ kArMa iS a B*TcH

  70. alien drangon

    loved the vid

  71. alien drangon


  72. alien drangon


  73. Marcelo Nascimento

    Very good!! Algum BR ai?

  74. Kxng Savage

    the cheaper Walmart end game in a nutshell tbh😂😂

  75. Lesly Camorlinga

    An war is such a baby

  76. Cool Vibes

    How could Hannah keep a straight face while looking at Rudy 😂😂😂😂

  77. yummy spleen

    2:01 Me when i forgot to do my homwurk

  78. Victoria Sheppard

    I related to this too much 😪

  79. goko da sav


  80. Rangiaukume Houkamau Te Pou

    i love your videos but did anyone else realise that wonder woman cant actually shoot lasers out of her eyes

  81. Enijah Thomas

    This amazing, 70s vibe and I want this to be a series

  82. Crazy Dayz

    The funny thing is that jeff is actually a criminal

  83. Hana Saleem

    I just realized he doesn’t actually have a Hispanic accent when he speaks English he does it on purpose lol

  84. yummy spleen

    Eh. Logan Paul and PEWdiepie, I watch more of u than them

  85. priest ok

    Anyone else notice at 3:30 the time says 4:14 and that just so happens to also be how long the video is

  86. Thanos


  87. Cam GB

    4:12 just watch

  88. Josiah White


  89. Xx-ASTRO-xX gaming

    Dislikes are from flat earthers 1:19

  90. Tebogo Mapheto

    How did you get a sponsor

  91. M Schierloh


  92. Karime18

    Lol!!! This was gold. You are hilarious 😂

  93. Misael Garcia

    I lisina to this when im sleeping I sing this song when im sleping

  94. Jaden Westfield

    The ending was so deep

  95. sierra sudjana

    Marvel rules

  96. Chatty Zoom

    Lele I image when she becomes a mom😂😂

  97. vlad4513

    I would love to see Rudy do a collab with Nigahiga!

  98. Cam GB

    "don't talk to me like that white boy" "thats ten for the garden thats all you get" (throws money) "you son of a b!©h" *SLAP*

  99. GaMingTiTaNGG 1

    I watched this a million times and realized what Thor said at 6:39

  100. Melanie Cherry

    OMG this is so funny like if u agree