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  1. Shenifa Parris

    I’m literally crying 💀💀💀

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    Burger 🍔 👑 🍟

  3. Juşş źañëlł

    But she ain’t rub da fish down there😭😭😭

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    Love you guys

  5. Ashlin Ticas

    Nova did the wall when the video first started

  6. Tina Candelaria

    You all had me 🌹😂😂😂😅

  7. Fernanda Nova

    ofcrouse iphone6 but I want an iphone6s

  8. Queen M’s

    No offense i love u guys but damien is being annoying with the omg and being ungrateful for the present he get if bianca gets a better one then not only that but he always has a story for every present he gets💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️but like i said i love u guys and ur love is just strange asf tho❤️❤️

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    And post notifications are on ❤️

  10. Makeylia Wilson

    I like Bianca necklace

  11. Jessica Lawson

    What the hell their at the buhomus

  12. leah love

    The prince one looks nicer

  13. Sharifa Browne

    Poo she pregnant again

  14. lost._. liam

    iPhone xD

  15. Thatwhitegyal.x -

    you forgot vlogmas 😩😩❤️❤️

  16. Nicole L R Jones Drane

    Happy bday Rodney

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    Bianca butt looks great

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  21. Phoenix Collins

    It is dried because it is putty not slime putty does not stretch.

  22. Sairah Brown

    U no she is pregnant

  23. Maya Seren Jones

    I put the stuff on that you told the Prince family about🤟🤟

  24. kaydria lapointe


  25. daniea spencer

    team biannacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  26. Four Sisters TV

    i love your videos can i please get a shout out

  27. daniea spencer

    drink it Damian you can do it

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    Team Bianca

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    To me air pods are better

  30. LCn Gang

    Crain better is team bic

  31. Penny Elliott

    I use a phone

  32. Lianny Soto

    I love all your videos 😍


    if you can do gummy takis

  34. Finesse Nya

    Get in the water 🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🦀🐙🐡🐟🐬🐋🐳🐠

  35. Drill Scene

    who actually use an alarm clock every one uses their phones

  36. Quinnie Channel

    Biannca In Damien

  37. jamie rodriguez

    Biannca all the way lol

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  39. Gaby Rodriguez

    Eww wtf was the point of licking the cookie like that Damian wierddd asf

  40. Tino Timire

    Bianca:I ain’t no kid I’m grown I love what you says 👇🏼


    love yall


    Ok Bianca of course rapped the present better

  43. Jamila Drummond

    Bianca are you pregnant fr omg can't be true it's much a joke Love yalllll though😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙🇯🇲

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    You should get iPhones

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    I love your hair super cute

  46. Luz - Luchy Rivera

    Bianca can not do this

  47. Sophiaa & Blessyn Gang

    Me and Bianca got the same outfit except she got the zipper on the shirt

  48. Emerentia May

    I think you right Bicca(sorry i cant spell your name😔

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    sorry b for that😭😢💔

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    Both changes

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    His face tho 😂🤣 17:34

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    Heyyy Damien and biannca

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    She is pregnant

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    They spent 5,000 dollars in this video for our entertainment y'all some real ones

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    Happy late birthday Kyrie

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    Lmao.. this was great.! Loved it 😂

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  63. Vern Loves

    Well to be honest.. Damien chain looks better

  64. MzAdjoaMimi1

    Yooooo I almost screamed for joy sitting in my office, when you asked Biannca “is she was ready to feed that baby in her stomach?” 😭😭😭😭🥰🙌🏾

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    Bianka won

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    1. LULU DAYS Simaomoreira

      Cuz ur saying iPhone 11 like literally 11🤨

    2. LULU DAYS Simaomoreira

      Peyton Maynor I don’t have one


    it seem like they designing yall home the way they want it. I think you guys should say something if you wanted your home to look a certain way

  70. May flower May birthday


  71. Jamila Drummond

    Do a part two 2 please love yalllll

  72. Cierra Richardson

    Heyy yalll love y’all ❤️

  73. Stephen Palmer

    It turned out like that because you were supposed to put the chicken in hot water first then cook it that’s why it looked soogy

  74. Aimaan Basra

    damino team and the prince chane becase it stands for the peince family

  75. La Tom

    Team Damien

  76. La Tom

    I’m crying 😭😭😭😖😖😭

  77. Leonie Sara

    You did amazing B 😘

  78. Tilisha Julius

    This my shit 😂😂 I got it on replay periodtttttt 💃🏾

    1. Tilisha Julius

      This Brittanie Drummond lol I thought I was logged in

  79. Troy Knox

    Some Ppl can get tipsy, even drunk off tasting a shot(not even an entire shot) a taste of a shot

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  81. cassidy hendricks

    I love your hair

  82. Shirley Flowers

    Hi b

  83. Faith Lewis

    pink sour

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    damion and biannca all day

  85. Cierra Perkins

    Nobody's gonna mention that they were actually going to get rid of the body 😂

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    Team biannca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Queen Brezzey

    team bianca always but i like damien to

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    I like both chaines

  90. Linda Smith

    Yes another baby

    1. Franchesca Blackette

      MarshSkyツ how do u know that

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      Lol, they were playing~

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    I like Bianca chain better 👍👍

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    Happy i subscribe

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    I work on the ortho floor and see a lot of drains like that we call it the JP drain. Glad that she is doing better!



  95. Farhana Anas

    Am I the only one thinking that Bianca's face looking like dwarf peoples face

    1. MarshSkyツ


  96. Alice Daigle

    Damien annoying asf with all that oh my gosh

    1. Samari Tee

      Alice Daigle 😂😂😂

  97. Sheila Morgan

    Awe look how little Dj was I love watchin them grown up they all hav their own personalitys 💙❤💙

  98. rissa ris

    damians a baby when it comes to food

  99. Jamie Major

    I like the prInce chain better. Sorry B

  100. Izzy Cat

    You r wearing something as beautiful asfff honey ps I liked shared and commeneyed