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  1. Sia Nyandemoh

    I have nothing to say so: Hi!

  2. Sy C

    The age trick didn’t work. My age is 8 not 4.

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    Thank you for the ideas!

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  6. dayana Medina

    Thats cool

  7. rebi gacha

    I love 5 minte crafts

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  9. With A Bang

    I wish these guys would organize my basement 😂😝 it’s a MESS

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    Wow I like it

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  16. Alice Cruz

    Quem já perdeu sua tarde a ver todos canais do 5 minutes craft

  17. Ninja dz

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  18. Edgar Iván martinez

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  20. M.A.O Gaming

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  22. Cou Ds 2134 / The Three Memers

    It’s 00:02 in the morning

  23. Madelyn Nash

    I’m that random comment your looking for. CAROLE BASKIN!!!!!

  24. Lily Cherries

    Where do you get your ideas from....

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  27. ienne channel

    Love it

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  30. Thiané Diop

    Third view

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  32. Help me reach 1k sub With 1 video

    No one 5 minutes: keeping us entertaining during this hard time

  33. Joaninha fofa oficial

    Sou a primeira ❤😍😘

  34. Francidalva Matos

    que baquana

  35. Madeline Piel

    Who else immediately thought of SSSniperwolf from the opening music??!!

  36. Lidon Querol

    Que guaiiiii

  37. Sa3idbouhamed Bouhamed

    Slim No Gleu

  38. Busy Mom

  39. The cheetah club

    There is just a peeler under the pillow lol 😂

  40. Jenneylyn Baliro

    Very fast

  41. Das Art Attack


  42. Cordelia Eichinger

    That was fun watching

  43. Coloring, Rainbow loom, and Slime!

  44. Adrian Pioquinto

    I’m already bored 😐 but this is ok 👌🏻 for me cool 😎 nailart

  45. Emma Chan


  46. Limon Bi Kanal

    First is rock salt ?

  47. Logyr Koky

    Super duper cool

  48. Marinda von Bismarck

    It says for parents, but the first craft says I kiss u!!!!!

  49. Care4U

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    Did good good little girl little little kids

  51. Agatha Fernanda

    Sou a única brasileira? 😒


    If this is 5 minute crafts why do we have to wait 20 days !!

  53. Yorick De Lange

    5:43 fastest way to get cancer

  54. Liam S

    Who else watches this but never does it?

  55. SkyNick

    The tattoo is very nice OMG

    1. SkyNick


  56. smile miss Anushka

    Who thinks that 5 minute craft channel makes the most video in every seconds

  57. Shahid Khan

    Coooool 😍😍🤩😎

  58. Hassaan raj

    They always upload asusal same crafts... Just some are new :(

  59. Adil Nad

    Como mo lan lo que aseis

  60. Juan Rios, Jr

    Crayons are the best you did Fantastic.

  61. iiCarmenAlonso

    i never knew cookng was considered playing...

  62. Craxy Fox

    Hi pagal

  63. Ria Naudiyal

    the video took my eyes i sed their no glitter:(

  64. camila montàs