I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati

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  1. knowlight knowright

    Honey, fix the hole in your eyebrow!

  2. Tina Mejia

    💕 I wish I had my mommy to share wonderful times. I lost her when I was 10. What a blessing 🙏

  3. Animals Lover

    Very thick for me like paint on the face....I had used it for years but there are much better foundations out there

  4. Meagan Newton

    Ugh I love when Scott is in your vids😍

  5. Alana Wostrel

    Just wanted to say I had this happen to me as well. I dont even make money off of youtube!!!! It is infuriating to say the least...

  6. Latina_lupita bj

    Does anyone else see a blueish gray like line all around the contor? I see it the most right before she applies the foundation.

  7. Katie Stickorates

    Mary Kay concealer

  8. Paige Bee

    I love Erica. I feel ya girl. Been watching for years. I have tons of primers. Still too lazy to use.

  9. Ciera Hernandez

    Tati getting distracted by shiny things is my cat when he sees the Christmas tree

  10. Anndrea Rain

    I love when you speed it up. I would ask once in a while you slow down and explain what you did.

  11. Elizabeth Basich

    I bought that foundation the other day and I love it. It wore nicely and is my new fav.

  12. Kathie Sltr

    how the mask just keeps sliding down (8:00) and hangs on tatis' upper lip 😂😂😂😂

  13. Jessica Feazell

    Anybody know what nail polish this is? I have been hunting for RED RED polish!

  14. Amanda_roberts_ Makeupaddict

    God if I ever get to holiday in America I’m gonna have to visit these drug stores for sure x

  15. Jes

    This was like watching my mom try and do something by herself on her phone that she doesn't know how to do. Aren't there directions in the box or something?

  16. argonauta_0 C

    Random but I can't stop looking at the earrings. They are gorgeous !!

  17. Jordan Ring

    Scott Barnes is the king of face makeup, like I’m not crazy for his eye looks but Jesus his face makeup is just what everyone wishes they looked like.

  18. Sophia Verdias

    i looooooove how honest she is

  19. Me Myself

    Why do you think you look awful? You actually look better with that eyeshadow and pencil and in any other video.

  20. mrsmeganhill

    I love love love live Scott Barnes and his respect for you! You two are great together, love to see so much support and live between y’all!!

  21. Get Em!

    I dont get why people like JLo so much. She doesn't even sing her own songs and uses other vocalists without giving them credit. She profits by buying songs that other people wrote, and keeps their vocals on the track. She never sounds the same in any of her songs.

  22. Skye lewis

    This was super helpful seeing you teach somebody and them do it and watching mistakes make it alot easier to follow x

  23. kiana martes

    Now you should do a “high rated” products video from amazon 🙆🏽‍♀️

  24. Molly Malone

    Please review the 2019 NYX holiday collection!

  25. Isabela Pastoriza

    Is it bad that I can tell the diffrence between them?

  26. Rachel R

    It amazes me how well-spoken, honest, and intelligent Tati is. I don’t think I’ll ever stop supporting her. She never ceases to amaze me.

  27. idiotic11

    Challenge: 1 totally cool tone look vs 1 totally warm tone look!

  28. Heidi Harding

    Haha, I always tell my husband I’m lazy for not doing something. He’s all your not lazy you just have other priorities. IE I worked all day in the yard and haven’t done the dishes. Another RN who is to lazy for primer.

  29. Laura Rojas

    Tati when are you restocking your pallet?

  30. Emily Baker

    Could you please do a daily skincare routine/products I use?! Your skin is just😍😍

  31. Rainie U

    Tati! I’m beyond excited! My Tati Beauty palette shipped yesterday! I can’t wait to try it out. Also I wanted to get your opinion on something. What would you say is the best foundation and primers for dry skin?

  32. Maria

    Anyone know what lashes these are??? they’re gorgeous!!

  33. Eleigh Girl

    I always hated my very full eyebrows. That was not the thing, growing up in the 90’s. Now, everyone is penciling on brows like mine. Makes me laugh. I think the message should be embrace what you got while you got it!

  34. Jessica Cashion

    I love sitting down with my morning coffee and getting ready with you. Such a great stress reliever during finals season!

  35. Kasia M.

    Am I the only one in the world who gets awfully watery eyes from age rewind concealer?

  36. Jadorelamode Paris

    This was very well done. Anything with dimithicone , unless you clarify weekly will absolutely destroy hair. Why is anything without chemicals so expensive? Oh and please review the Raw Sugar vegan products, ACUE products and Aesop - all vegan. TIA

  37. Luna Wang

    Tati, why does halo not have an option to be shipped to mainland China. Is there any way that it could become an option?

  38. Lana Moreno

    I like HOW everyone FEELS the need TO CAPITALIZE random WORDS in the TITLE 😂

  39. BH

    *not pole = comedy gold!

  40. Hannah Poynter

    No one gunna talk about Taylor commenting on Tati's ovaries??? I had to stifle my laughter in the middle of class!

  41. C.J

    Qui sort dans la rue maquillé comme un camion volé .... c’est affreux.

  42. Juliana Godinho

    Tati, this blue looks so good on you!!! Complements your beautiful eyes, I love it! 🥰🥰

  43. Brandy Weaver

    Tati... are these glitters what ur new glitters r based on?

  44. Nancy Tresch-Reneau

    I didn't buy the palette because I just wasn't into the color story...but if something comes along that I really like, I'd buy it from Tati in a heartbeat.

  45. H Tompkins

    Don't hold back from your dad jokes, they are great. It's honest and real and I always laugh too

  46. The Insane Mattie Hatter for the Hatere

    On the Physician's Formula website.

  47. The Insane Mattie Hatter for the Hatere

    Ladies!! The Butter Collection is back in stock.!!!!

  48. Laura Reed

    I wish I loved the physicians formula bronzer. But the smell is just too much for me- and it doesn’t help I’m allergic to coconut lol but it’s so pretty 😭

  49. bir gamer

    Kusura bakma ama en yapmayı becerememişsin merve özkaynak'ın kanalına bir bak derim aleti dik tutman gerekiyor yatay değil

  50. camilla mendoza

    I feel so sad for your hair Tati. Need a hundred brush stroke. 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Drageadroth

    This was awesome for me the first time, I used the wand. Now I just can't do it again with the wand. Everything lasted for me besides the beginning of the brow. It faded towards the middle of the face, middle of the brow was good as were the ends. And it is so sticky then dries down so hard and clumpy. Now I use the e.l.f. instant lift eyebrow pencil and it is great!

  52. Shelley Uthgenannt

    I actually loved the video. No it’s not a simple get ready and go video but she has great ideas, tips and how to’s that I love watching. If you’re really into makeup she’s the one.

  53. Bonnie Paynter

    Tati - I would love to see a review of SALON makeup, such as Aveda, Youngblood and Sorme, to name a few.

  54. Catherine Whyte

    Does any body even use these brushes like for $56 I expect it to tell the weather

  55. nida5787

    Appreciate this close up view! 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😍

  56. ShadowOfBoe

    Cosmetology student- Heard this from a esthetician she said YOUR SKIN IS POROUSSSS. 🧽 So I think it’s really interesting that product is anti pollution

  57. F0xx

    Omg those pokemon cards tho 😍😍😍

  58. Nymphadora Tonks

    look like a godess

  59. Candy Lim

    I bet cristine will be like I'll show you holo

  60. Vegaspsychicdiva

    Watch the whole BROKEN series please and see what you can do differently

  61. Alexis Patmore

    Check out trinny London everything in pots it’s great

  62. Nymphadora Tonks

    i like the make up bevor the glitter a lil more

  63. TLC Beauty

    Would love to see a video of what’s in your secret box!!! Would be fun to see what products that were your die hard favorites that you can’t bear to part with!!!

  64. Pooja Pathak

    next time can you give me some of the foundation

  65. Nymphadora Tonks

    and boom it switch to a ''i do my moms make up'' XD

  66. Nymphadora Tonks

    it looks so good =O

  67. Moy M.

    ILY Tati so much, I wish I could wear makeup, ever. In my society, a place where I come from & the kind of societal standards they have, we aren't allowed to wear any. But I still try to sneak into it and put on face powder & mascara here & there. Thank you for inspiring me through and through Ilysfm <3 :)😘💙

  68. Elysha Atkins

    Anyone else notice she put a ‘Revolution Pro’ label on the Revlon foundation.. 😂 Ooopsy! ❤️

  69. Arshad Zahjr

    Tati bring boobra for a holiday special!!😋😜😍

  70. HennesseyKatie

    You’re the best always hitting every point Also where is your sweater from Perfection

  71. HennesseyKatie

    Can we make Jaclyn Hill watch this? Quality control Process and timing Not forcing customers to BUY NOW You know owning a business

  72. Misty Parsons

    Such a beautiful look done with some amazing drugstore products..you look GORGEOUS!!🤩🤤😍 Another great video as always!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. Love you, Tati!!💜😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 😇🥝🦋

  73. anecia 121

    Is it only me that it bothers me that she put "literally" Rather then literal smh

  74. Heidi Renee

    very Adore Delano

  75. Rebecca Yas

    I cant be the only one hoping she would use the purple shadow

  76. Anjelica luna

    In love 😍 Omg I need all of these products! Yes Scott 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  77. Serin

    Gorgeous hair ❣️

  78. Kathleen Tyler

    You, confused? No way. Ape face. You couldn't find your way out of a paper bag. Which probably is a good thing..for me anyway......mirror breaker

  79. Kassie K

    Your lights are too blown out. I want to see pores.

  80. Sheryl Parana

    Love the dark hair.

  81. Kshaniqa

    Hey Tati please make a video on professional palettes (like the RCMA) ,, your recommendation on lip ,eye , powder blushes etc . I think it will help a lot of budding makeup artists!

  82. Karen Maggs

    Tati, please create more how to tutorials. The way you do your makeup is STUNNING

  83. Jan Marilyn Fan Levitan

    Pricey. Yes but u can afford it! Go for it! You look gorgeous 💚💚

  84. Hoop Jeanne

    I love that It foundation you used. It definitely makes me break out if I don’t wash it off before going to bed. But when I do wash it, I have no problems!

  85. Kathleen Tyler


  86. Kolbie Jones

    You should do an updated video on your favorite primers!

  87. Malon Diabate

    Hi Tati just want to know when your palette gonna be available

  88. cugliarim

    Your eyebrows are 👌 in this video

  89. Nancy L

    When they look at each other and tell each other they genuinely love each other's products and that they value their opinions because they are actual friends, it's too sweet!

  90. spook show

    We need a restock of your palettes!!!!

  91. Nguyen vu cong Minh

    Have anybody seen the lipstick of JSC behind here

  92. kait schoen

    she looks like a vampire. not in a bad way.

  93. Aaa Bbb

    Why are you so perfect?😍😍😍

  94. Sara Marie

    Love your videos

  95. Sara Marie

    So fun

  96. Patricia Mcilroy

    Love all this! Please do more demos together!

  97. Susie G

    Tati, where are the descriptions listed of the products you used? Normally you put it in the drop down box! Guess I have to pause the video each time to write down the products. 😏

  98. Sarah Han

    it makes me cringe when I see youtubers pounded beauty blenders into cushion pacts.

  99. Nafisa Usha

    Wow he did sooo AMAZING

  100. D

    Here a year later 🙃 to share that the hourglass veil translucent setting powder, the smash box halo hydrating perfecting powder, and the cover fx powders are all talc-free. Generally, cover fx, jouer, and hourglass are throughout their lines but many highlighters and blushes from other brands are as well. ABH has talc-free eyeshadows (singles and modern renaissance at least) and the ColourPop super shock shadows are as well. Even eliminating talc from my ingredient list has always helped me maintain a slightly more manageable collection