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  1. usman tahir

    Dan’s card was disappointing to be honest.

  2. Lewis Smith

    American commentators are really over the top it’s like they weren’t watching the fight. Not everything needs to be a reality tv show

  3. Thistlebug

    Gordon Ramsey 18:06 olive oil in his hair

  4. MentalSupremacy VisionCube

    Kabib made all tht show boat wAckness disappear look at his approach when he meets those who beat him. Its like he knows before hand that theres going to be a problem

  5. Underwater Walter

    Tony time

  6. AncientLure

    Hurts badly

  7. M


  8. bobnab

    the best few days of my life , manchester went nutz .

  9. Shay’s Studio


  10. Looi Khai wing

    Wish World Cup final 2022 Argentina Leo Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

  11. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Some disrespect Europa league...but it is a hell of a competition for smaller European clubs and can mean everything for clubs on the rise

  12. David C

    McGregor taps out quicker than a little girl. Throwing trolleys at a bus means nothing - losing says everything about McGregor. Trying to sell whiskey and Tshirts like a cheap punk.

  13. dangkati bai

    Conor vs khabib rematch should happen so that khabib can proof that he can beat Conor in his peak state or vice versa

  14. Rithvik_ P57

    Lmao he said beans hahahahaha

  15. Lebarachi yt

    *CoronaVirus has entered the Chat*

  16. DiCarpio 21

    The stats really show it though don’t they? In 7 years at Liverpool he averaged 40+ games a season. In the next 5 years he averaged 25 games a season. In the next four years he averaged 15 games a season. He never recovered from the injury in 2006. Such a shame - it’s ridiculous to think he never beat bobby Charltons england goals record

  17. Godzilla 2219

    Bt sport sucking conors balls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Malrins

    I don't think cr7 speaks English well.

  19. bonginkosi nkosi

    Zabit is boring? What the fook is this man smoking 😂

  20. Radostin Koprinkov

    What happend to quarantine

  21. Louis Cerclay

    what a classic AC Milan team i know their line better then my own teams line up

  22. omgj

    only in khabib fight did mcgregor look around at crowd...