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  1. Isabella Towl

    I have not been this early since Ronaldo did not say siiiiiiiiiiiiix wait sorry I mean siiiiiiiiii Lionel Messi:you’re dead for this one Me:Oh No AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Border Raider

    1:28 the wsy rom said,"dada" was sad

  3. Gabriel Saliba

    My username jack45

  4. JCStudios 10

    In this Game the PSG use the Away kit

  5. sscbb88 twitch

    AusBurger88 is my username

  6. Nathaniel Morphett


  7. Albkiller Fortnite

    If you think Virgil van would win in a fight then like this

  8. mickeylfc

    OSM Username: Mikayla Terrana

  9. Sunny Chauhan

    I thought he actually scored amazing goal😂😂

  10. A & A

    My username is Adapol1

  11. Tash Hansford

    Khye Is my own name

  12. Lolgamer NL

    "Disrespect" -Ronaldo 2019-

  13. Sambbu Rai

    He he. Yes I want to see the fight.

  14. Conor Welsh

    You try scoring over 700 goals

  15. Sinister Sumedh

    I hope Ronaldo does better if he wants to win his sixth Ballon’dor

  16. GotinPichaga123 XD

    My username is Zmei1234. I’m big fan of Müller

  17. Ben Durbin

    Yeah don’t use the point of the pencil to stab it into the ground, just use the round rubber bit

  18. Alex Wise

    Ilsinho Son

  19. leonel villanueva

    Bro 442oons have no respect for one of the best of the world players he's totally a Messi fan

  20. Viktor Penchev


  21. chauci14

    Even his little shit could scored that goal. All the work was done by Dybala

  22. Haydon Wadham


  23. Ezekiel Baidoo


  24. Federico Bonifazi

    How many goals did van dick(head) score in this CL? Did Messi give him a good amount of money to do this test?

  25. Vasil Dimitrov

    Aftershave pencil 😂😂😂😂😂 scored this Mee too scored this goal what a shame this is easy goal very easy

  26. Nadeem Khan

    Respect for neymar.

  27. Ryan Stratton

    Van dijk would win against Ronaldo’s sister

  28. Regankira2

    Easy goal

  29. Shadow Gamer

    This would be my team of the year Alisson TAA VVD Toby aldy Robertson Oh moussa sissoko Fernandinho Son Kane Mane Sergio Like if u think it is good! By the way don’t be bias if ur a Utd, bridge or arsenal fan.

  30. Abesh Bhattacharya

    Abesh Bhattacharya10

  31. Unknown Paracha906

    It was no conspiracy but a friendly gesture by neymar ❤️, trying to rejoice for MCN🔥♥️

  32. MR bambino

    in OSM my name is maxpac67

  33. Ryan Higgs

    My name is RHINO HIGGS

  34. SANDBOB 123

    442oons: this shitty cartoon is not made for kids. 99% of the subscribers left the chat

  35. Giacomo Vitale

    Ronaldo didn't wear a hairband

  36. movie clips

    Where is a episode 5 ?

  37. B G

    Ime ddid

  38. Aymeric Laporte

    Dont mind me I just want likes

  39. Rebecca Brogan

    Hate it 0:10

  40. diego daniel molina osorio


  41. Krum Angelov

    OSM Username : Krum999

  42. George Sarmiento

    Wasn’t even a good goal

  43. paco ramon

    Neymar gives 442toons a lot of work with all his changes in hair.

  44. Selmin Ilijazi

    Ronaldo didint score that goal it was Bernadeschi who scored that goal

  45. Welz xx

    Lol they kicked divock and he knocked them out

  46. paco ramon

    attack of the clones

  47. GotinPichaga123 XD

    Wth that was the easiest goal ever scored ! Even my grandma can score this goal

  48. Vasil Dimitrov

    What the easy goal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Pseudo original mais pas trop

    442oons : footballers attempt Ronaldo's insane goal Me who haven't seen the game : wow I wonder how he scored Me after the video : *T H E D I S R E S P E C T*

  50. Iluta Aleksīna

    My name in osm

  51. Dekka Bacara

    De Dirispec!

  52. Benjamin Sykes

    Pep talk

  53. paco ramon

    Dami Olmo goal was way better.

  54. Cudi Aks

    I love it, how 442oons makes fun of Ronaldo

  55. Fun -nix

    Why do u hate cr7 so much?

  56. Bilmiyorum Nereden bileyim

    Ssni severim guzel kanalsin lutfen bu mesaji cevir ve oku o logoyu duzelt GALATASARAY

  57. انا اسطورة ليش لان المخرج عاوز كذا

    what a nice goal son goal vs burnly is sh*t combired to ronaldo gaol

  58. Iluta Aleksīna


  59. Giorgos Abso

    Fairlyaveragemino didn't age very well now did it ?

  60. Eva Smits


  61. James Mills

    OSM account is snowkill7

  62. Martin Svensson

    Ronaldos sis

  63. Élson Sami

    Name of music.

  64. Kenzie Bunker

    Did anyone notice benzama was playing on a Nintendo switch

  65. Martin Chromec

    I know that this is just a comedy..... but also HUGE DISRESPECT

  66. Daithinho

    I love this channel! OSM: Daithinho

  67. Aymeric Laporte

    This season is all about footballers attempt (sry for spelling)

  68. Indronil Roy

    no one: literally no one: le 444200ns:footballers attempts ronaldo's insane goal in thumbnail

  69. Final fantasy EM

    What insane was Dybala sliding pass

  70. BigDonutMan 28

    Luis Feeble (Luis Figo)

  71. AKA

    The physics used in this video is unreal

  72. Lovro Majić

    Username BoracVolimo

  73. LexoGreenie

    Dean still had Ronaldos old face, made him a woman and thought we wouldn’t notice. Tut tut

  74. TheRedRaph

    I thought it was Neymar who came to save Ronaldo.

  75. Pizza Parker

    Warning about salty ronaldo fans were given after all

  76. Lu Rappers uk

    😂😂😂😂😂 Tapinaldo

  77. Aymeric Laporte


  78. PeePeePooPoo Orlis


  79. Hassan Rafi

    So what was he supposed to do miss he did not even celebrate and yeah the video is actually a disrespect

  80. bHm CR7


  81. Adel Muminovic

    Lupanje jedan

    1. Adel Muminovic


  82. Bhawana Das


  83. zzmaul squad


  84. kora forever

    My username is JURGEN KLOPP

  85. Tyler K

    At the start look at right sleeve

  86. Ruturaj borate

    What's wrong bro 😑

  87. TheEndriu23 pl

    0:03 Piemonte Calcio..... Not Juventus

  88. Yaseen Dorry

    This is how many likes Salah

  89. Trickybuz

    What’s the thing with Ronaldo’s sister?

  90. Duolingo

    Wait where is the 0:2 goal¿

  91. Antonio Benitez

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 neymar good boy fuck santa 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Nasser Anous


  93. Bradisboss


  94. Toasteriffic 7even

    Do one (if) benteke scores

  95. Romel Negut

    Virgil must have used one of John Wick's pencils.

  96. TGF Mythic

    Is CR7's sis adopted because it sounds like neymar's sis

  97. Clark Kent

    Hahahahah I'm pissed but laughing at this at the same time .

  98. doğu


  99. Sean Yu

    Die dishrespectt

  100. SHER gaming

    Fcuk you Santa 🎅 I died laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂