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  1. Jorge Lopez

    *crys * how rude are trying to put the dog in the aboptcion center😢😭😢😭😢😭😢

  2. Syheam Fuller

    I was sad 😭😔

  3. Lewis Cassen

    “Ah shut up Willie!”

  4. Classic Gamer


  5. Jake Sanchez

    why is this such a good movie?

  6. R.yanti Misran


  7. slimdudeDJC

    Escaped consistent .50 and .60 cal. gunfire, ran into cars (and on top of one) drove passed a burning fuel tanker that finally exploded and ran through a boat which fell on top of the car but it winds up getting destroyed by running into one man standing in the middle of docking area. I'd like to secure my order for one of these, please? Insurance has got to be what, "$2.00??"

  8. Darrell Waters

    What was the name of that music video where I'll Always Love You is blarring so loud adn this policeman stops a man and asks him to kiss him? Is that video still on youtube, or mabye reuploaded with the voume on that song turned down to a much lower voume? I want to see those two men kiss, especially wth all the violance going on because of that brutal policeman that this is claimed to have all started over. I"d like to be hired to give a policeman and hard hug and kiss like that!

  9. Lisa Beaty

    “Has 8

  10. Lisa benton


  11. Brightside Sports

    Dewey no, you dont want any of this

  12. Patrick Peralta

    I've watched the movie several times over the years and I still don't see what Billy noticed that told him the guy was a spy.

  13. Thomas Lamson

    Stupid me: maybe he'll come back later and be at Valjean at his deathbed... Maybe thank him for showing him the- Javert: 2:43 Me: oh... That poor dude... And that's why there's a crack sound there at that moment.

  14. Andrew Gatenby


  15. Andy Ogar

    Cameraman is drunk

  16. Badrul Badrulhisham


  17. Justin Moore

    Aliens wanted us dead they would just hurl an asteroid at us. Do I think Aliens exist? Yes. Do I think we interact with them? No.

  18. Veronica Martinez

    Vi la película completa es muy fuerte como se ve los efectos de estas sustancias, Jared Leto es un genio actuando.

  19. llmbs

    Sounds like our riots today. These riots have the appearance of being orchestrated.

  20. Patrick Peralta

    Based on a real incident or not.. it was till smart for Billy to remove several of the bullets so the bounty hunter is hitting the empty chambers.

  21. Daniel Steven Janerico

    ~ Koolistickly Kool Kapture ~ For Real , On Dah Real ~

  22. Chicken Code

    Honestly if I was one of the smaller and younger kids and I knew I stood no chance I would step of the platform and die by the mines before I died a painful detah

  23. Celia Caliso

    with movies like these, who needs useless cops :)

  24. Joseph Hernandez

    With Chris Rock's character, i can understand the situation. But I remember one time I pulled a prank/wake up call on one of my mom's friend's kids. They were being ungrateful and putting their dad down after everything he has done for them. So one day, I told them a lie that their parents were getting a divorce because their mom understood they hated their dad. They ended up crying about it so badly they changed their ways and started being appreciative to their dad. However I ended up getting in trouble with them for doing that. But i only did it to give them a wake up call. Was it right or wrong to do that?

  25. Brad B

    Master Ip has taught him well. Especially how to fight 10 men.

  26. Brandon Lewis

    Sticks and stones may break his bones but words will always hurt him

  27. Timmy Asikin

    Really interesting......awesome.....

  28. Onion Ninja

    Let us vibe bois

  29. EnjoyLifeProductions

    That teen girl gets in my nerves so much lol

  30. Andrew Gatenby

    0:19 2:45 1:34 0:59

  31. Ryan Smart

    “It seemed good on paper” LMAAAOOOOO 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  32. Vo Leab90


  33. Nhi Hà

    the anime man

  34. Monocle

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 부온죠르노가 아니라 부오나세라인데... 그것도 영어발음 ㅋㅋㅋ

  35. Vivian Herndon

    Did the black guy die or nah? Hopefully not

  36. Jayson Bonilla

    You. Suck. Max

  37. Zack quem leu isso já me deu o rabo.


  38. Andrew Gatenby

    1:35 That's Funny

  39. Jordan Brendmoen

    I'm going to make a theory The villain the Wolf ghmork The reason he so terrifying and fearful to witness They designed him specifically to be exactly the fear that is reality that dreams eventually do die if they're not held on to and then someone comes along like this individual who wants to use the dreams of those who gave up on them as slaves and to enslave the world because no one has dreams anymore

  40. Erick paolo santos

    RIP George floyd

  41. Julius Morgan

    a direct message to every protester in america today

  42. Farhan Andi

    Franklin from gemini man

  43. Raul Hernandez

    No sé porque no lo mató creo que el arte y la paz que conservan los profesionales es más grande que el terrorismo y la agresión Francia que tienen los marinos y los policías. Terroristas de los Estados Unidos que no es su tierra la robaron asesinando a gente a los verdaderos dueños. Llamar a las tienen las reservaciones alcoholizados y drogados igual a nosotros los mexicanos No se asesinaron a robar a nuestras tierras en compañía y en complicidad de los gobernadores de mierda que teníamos en nuestro país Estados Unidos mexicanos

  44. Thomas Lamson

    How much longer is Shrek II retold goin to take?

    1. Thomas Lamson


  45. DANIEL 4

    I like it more in English since the voice in Latin of Colombia changed and why here the voice and the performances are better than in Latin. PS: the first movie is much better maybe than in English the first movie in Latin Spanish is spectacular xD

  46. Erick paolo santos

    In film locations in Los Angeles California

  47. Dxncerr

    That’s Proctor from power

  48. Wrench

    everyone in a gta online lobby:

  49. LaneKSwenson

    I really loved how Jackie brilliantly spun the conversation to test Isabel. I doubt she left those tickets there on purpose for Isabel to find but I liked how you could see Jackies mind work as Isabel got angry over the wrong idea and it was that moment where she was like, "Oh this little girl is going to snoop and stir up drama, ok let's play this out and see if she shows me her true colors". Then the realization that Isabel, a career driven woman whom has never needed to make others a priority, actually cares about Luke and the children, probably floored her. So it doesn't surprise me that she came clean after Isabel let her guard down and admitted the devastation to Luke and the kids if they moved to opposite ends of the country. It's the 'below the surface' moments like these that really makes this movie such a classic.

  50. Daboy

    I've seen it for so many times but 3:51 is still cracks me up. LOL

  51. DANIEL 4

    Me gusta mas en ingles ya que la voz en latino de colombus cambio y por que aqui la voz y las actuaciones son mejores que en latino Pd: la primera película es mucho mejor talvez que en ingles la primera película en español latino es espectacular xD

  52. Marcus J

    1:39 👍👍👍

  53. Алишер Койчубаев

    Хочу секс

  54. Алишер Койчубаев

    😻я влблюлся это девочку

  55. amante do futebol

    Flamengo ❤🖤❤🖤🇧🇷🇧🇷

  56. Delta Akane


  57. Aahana Kumar

    I'm glad now that I took swimming lessons. ; - ;

  58. Aqueous Keyboard

    Just a fact to everyone: All the RoboCops have a robotic body, but the only reminents are the face and skull.

  59. Big Jay

    They probly killed evryone at the stand


    One of the shittiest movies I ever saw

  61. Yoylebubble17

    this song is still scarily relevant.

  62. Timmy Asikin

    Jaws menacing bad guy....

  63. Fish

    I watched this while I was baked and I spent half of the video laughing and the other half crying because I strangely felt bad for the chicken

  64. Michael Sieger

    is this supposed to be a fight scene?

  65. James Fracasse

    Ship's resgistery is Southampton England never depart on a cruise from there bad luck.

  66. William Phillips

    Excellent fight scene. It ends beautifully when Woody Strode's character tries to kill his REAL enemies. Oliver's character is so poisonously hated and so well done that I am inwardly happy as Hell knowing that the real Crassus was a crummy general. An inept, vane man who got himself and his army wiped out trying to cross the desert north of present day Palestine and east of present day Turkey.

  67. Sasuke Uchiha

    Where was this hidden?

  68. UltraInstinctGrant Prysock

    1:24 - 1:27

  69. Lionheart Roar

    Denzel rocks