Welcome to your cheat sheet for creative and unique DIY projects, mixed with daily life fixes that keep you and your family in mind. Consider your life hacked!

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  1. utthara 83

    Whaatt!! Turning mushy rice to fluffy rice. Im an indian. I eat rice 3 times a day. It just cant be done..

  2. Amreen Khan

    Waoo Amanging this really osm

  3. Aklımdaki Yemekler


  4. عراقيه وافتخر

    البلابل اللي يقاس الباب آسفة يقوي بيتي اهليندوما ابا باريس نجدمنكلماهوالفراقبينالبلدينعلىكلحالعدمنشرفيكلعاموأنتمإلىجانبذلكفيحاللميكنمنجديد

  5. Jonas Zollinger

    3:24 when you’re sleeping over at a friends house and they don’t give you a blanket

  6. Sandra

    Odlican video 👏👏👏👏

  7. Aaditya Tiwari

    Is it boiled potato

  8. Jenny Fryer

    Is it just me or do these bows (5:20) look exactly like bow pasta

  9. Windex

    Me who is a actual witch in real life: *MANIAC LAUGHING* (Witches use candles ALOT)

  10. Mubasher Mushtaq

    How to make soil

  11. g wagon

    6:09 root a rose stem and grow fresh roses

  12. Bindhu Shinodh

    which soil is used

  13. XxxWolfwolfie _wolfxxX

    OK is it just me that realizes at the beginning they're getting married but then at 1:50 the girl is on a date with the same guy getting married 😳

  14. Fa TRenDZ

    hi new friend plz support me😍stay connected🤝

  15. Regina Luna

    Me encantó!! Muy buen vídeo...

  16. GotChA bOi!1!1

    *which gym person are u?* me:I'm none ..... coz I'm deprest *jk *

  17. Reylyssa Garcia

    You realize the only reason why the tooth brush is faded is BECUASE the after 3 months that's when you throw away the tooth brush so that's why the color is there

  18. Lena Buiskih

    Замечательные Советы Благодарю

  19. Sydney

    I woudnt throw my gifted Honolulu earrings back at the person who bought them for me though

  20. Juan De Dios Rodriguez Otero

    Donde aprendiste yo creo que en la guardería

  21. Zélia Goulart


  22. I no you no


  23. Sveta Dmitrieva

    Половина откровенной бредятины

  24. fifin aprily fifin

    Bodo amaf

  25. Elizabeth Ferguson

    Blossom, thank you, this was fabulous. I'm going to rewatch, pause and take notes. There is just a plethora of awesome ideas. Really truly a useful tool. Thanks again.

    1. Amreen Khan

      Hey u lookng so pretty oh my God.

  26. Jenna Redden

    Repost not even any new ones

  27. Lorenza Schweitzer

    My mom in every line I’m ever in with her 5:33


    U need to wash those utensils real good bc u do not want leftover soap on them or the bowl it ain’t edible

  29. Joana Rocha

    Beleza vou fazer uma nova oportunidade de trabalho 💗💝🙏💝🙏

  30. Jose Palacios

    I’m actually none of those I’m actually a gym rat

  31. Alvra Jenkins

    These are truly amazing. I would love to know more about these procedures.

  32. Jeannette Porras

    Mom: then eat your face

  33. Jeannette Porras

    Kid: l want to go outside mom

  34. Anne G

    I'm "knot" that good at "knotting"

  35. Darien mcgallian

    9:56 why was The chocolate sauce just bouncing off the ice cream? LOL 😂

  36. Gloria Escobar

    Qué más hizo eso contéstame porfis

  37. gn lilu

    Video fir extreme cheapskates!

  38. Людмила Мороз

    У меня проросла картошка,а не роза 😄😄😄

  39. Khanh Hoi

    Aloooooo, có người Việt Nam nào ở đây không ạ? Ai thử trồng hoa hồng ở mục đầu tiên chưa ạ?

  40. cece Kizer

    This is a terrible video and also why do the pancakes look like cakes

  41. Roblox Queen

    At 2:18 that’s how I be when my foot stick out

  42. Ben Franklin

    Sometime trash is trash 😁

  43. maria elena Cortez

    Es una mentira ese video

  44. Madalena Almeida


  45. Капар Алмабаев

    Перевод на русский пажалуйста

  46. Nezi Hebibi


  47. Nadine Sander


  48. Kate G

    I hate this crap Soo much!! I have literally lol'd in a bursting out loud fashion with every new scene. Why are these all just like me!!!!! 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    💓 awesome diy summer good vibes 💓 now we are ready 💓🔥💓

  50. Rodolfo Stefanini Bonamin

    Blossom's Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

  51. Laughs With Lulu

    1:09 it’s funny how the bottom of that carton has been cut off 🧐

  52. sonia moreno

    I like this vid so much!!!

  53. None No

    Can’t wait until someone debunks these

  54. Katelyn White

    You can’t reserve dairy item after they experience! It’s better to throw them out!

  55. Jaqueline Rodrigues

    Qui massa esse vídeo

    1. Jaqueline Rodrigues


  56. eT Turtle

    C̴̥͆o̴̳͓͎̮̜̓̓̔͊̕r̶̻̹̓m̶̧̺̙̩̑̊́ ̵͚̙̉f̵̬̰̠̅̉l̸̰̀̔̔æ̷̘̪̅k̷̩͓͇̇̉͐̚ṣ̸̐̏̆̍

  57. طيبة طيبه

    روعه روعه

  58. QueenRay Queen

    I’m the beauty queen

  59. Horses 4ever

    0:44 um. Hmmm. I- yeahhh

  60. lol

    0:40 "Look behind you, it's juicy it's plumped and it's 3 inches tall. Now look at this sorry, miserable squashed thing."

  61. Anna Bella

    Am against using bread for cleaning...really

  62. QueenRay Queen

    Roses are red violets are blue this is great so are you😁

  63. wiwik wulandari

    Ngerti bahasa Indonesia ngga

  64. wiwik wulandari

    Ngerti bahasa Indonesia ngga

  65. The Moonlit Wolves

    Mmmm yes because I enjoy salty milk


    The only reason why people want ur gun it’s because u labeled it gum so it’s easy for people to identify it as gum and now they want some

  67. QueenRay Queen

    This is soooo funny

  68. CR33PY

    Owhh, i'm a vampire.. that's good.

  69. lo.fi.emotions.

    Gotta try them

  70. Christyn Daley

    They do the stupidest things i swear

  71. charlotte burbidge

    I don’t go lol



  73. keian Walter

    I'm the one that is everyone's crush and the cute one

  74. Andres Zuñiga

    y por donde haces caca

  75. haneen ameer

    💝💞💗💔💜❣💚💕💟💟❤❤💓💘😍❤💛💚💙💜💜💔💔❣💕💞💓💓💗💗💖💖💘💘💝💝💮l love you 😂😂😂😂❤😘

  76. Georgia Hadjicosta

    Oh,just a comment, seeds will sprout if you water them.Good suggestions.

  77. im Dash

    Oh my good Eso me recordo a la porno que habia visto ayer

  78. Zanobia Zineb


  79. Selman

    05:45 need to remember❤️❤️❤️

  80. Periodismo Alternativo

    Wow, im like a LOT of those caracters

  81. LoganPlayz

    Hi :D

  82. Da one and only jeonnie

    Salmonella i see she just ate that egg raw

  83. Nino Mskhaladze

    I love this girl. She is so crazy and cute.it's soo funny video

  84. علي علي


  85. Detalizator Detalizator

    Будьте добры помедленнее , я записываю...

  86. ocean_ moonlight'바다 달빛'OwO

    noone: *mukbangers be like:* 0:03 0:40 0:59

  87. Oumou Modibo KANTE

    C'est trop coll😍😍😍😍

  88. Mrs.49er


  89. K shenanigans

    Thanks for sharing this was awesome

  90. Mirriam Kutha

    all this is is *LIES.*

  91. Abu fadel Mehdi


  92. Abu fadel Mehdi

    I Love you

  93. Brooke Melville

    Is it just me that’s scared of flushing the toilet or making any noise in the house when alone or after watching a horror movie ?

  94. Brooke Melville

    I guess I ant sleeping tonight

  95. Kasi Azubike

    Am I the only one that wonders how they even know all this stuff

  96. TheMarioramos80

    Great video. I encourage everyone to start growing food. Just make sure you re not planting from OMS (trangenic), mostly because they can affect non trangenic and help causing extinction of some spicies

  97. aesthetic girl

    OMG I mad about this girl

  98. Kim Jong Un

    Anyone here after BBC expose vid?


    Very very interesting video

  100. Aanchal Sharma

    😘😘 beutifull 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉💋💋💋💋