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  1. Kage Watashi

    Don’t mind me, just here for my daily viewing

  2. tony alvarez

    I think Eminem's a rapping computer

  3. Xj9 Spectral

    They did the clean version available on spotify

  4. cardeyar

    This shit hit harder when u single


    Alguien más para el vídeo para que Eminem pueda descansar hay que ser considerados con este wey es genial y es millonario así que el puede comer pan de oro saludos crack

  6. 2a4l

    *An average adult human breathes about once every two seconds.* Eminem: You guys really need your inhalers then, huh?

  7. Kriday Dubey

    This is basically the world’s coolest and most viewed apology video.

  8. Ronnie Wong

    Song ID: 151650924

  9. faviniaale

    Ficou legal a música curti muito massa cara Pra caramba 🤫

  10. the duck

    Eminem: Venom, I got that andrenaline momentum Me: Venom Ve Ve Venomm

  11. Candy_Rudolph

    People in 2013: listens to rap god Yoo im gonna listen to this every day now 2014: listens to fancy by iggy im gonna listen to this every day now 2015: listens to hotline bling and see you again ima listen to both of these back to back for ever 2016: listens to work by rihanna ima send this to the boys 2017: listens to shape of you this is soo dope this is going on facebook 2018: Crying bc of Xs death wanting to belive it wasnt true 2019: listens to burry a friend What has the world become 2020: Listens To GODZILLA YOO im gonna listen to this ebery day now 2020 people:

  12. E.Rose

    977 thousand comments and you found mine. Now have a cookie 🍪

  13. Cierra Shadle

    I just lost one of my favorite people on this Earth my aunt she was more of a mom then my actual mom I lost he to Cancer today I needed to here this

  14. Elaine Cristina

    Eeeeeeee eu sou português mas adorei a musica

  15. duata Mickey

    Haddaway what is love

  16. current_interest

    You find out this beat was a cover and also ghetto superstar is Island in the Sun by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton lol

  17. SnipingSkulls

    Well I’m late but I think I’m suppose to quote something about breathing....................…........ Dead 💀

  18. Oliver Crisóstomo

    The tittle changed to "Super Clean Version, Closed Captioned" but we know that the video still the same.

  19. jake halle

    I've seen that you could free likes here from what I've seen

  20. Hamza Ouziat

    Montage parole shiit ?

  21. MR. KAO


  22. Tanner Nath

    The Views On This Song Tho 🥶 Goat 🐐

  23. joanne murphy

    I 💚 Eminem lyrical genius and when I’m stressed a f***** g good swear makes me feel better 🤪😂

  24. Water Lel

    The title fits with the song. It’s old but it will never get defeated.

  25. Abby Smith

    Quarantine brought me here ..👵🏻 I don’t care tho , these tunes never get old for me l

  26. Markey Wholebrook

    hit er, spit er, flit er clit er glitter! get er wit er dicum it er? Ichimoto nandayo? Bitter? Fitter?

  27. Todoroki Is A Beast!

    1:41 *That part always gets me* 😂

  28. Jeremiah Watts

    Me: trying to rap like Eminem me: about to die from oxygen Eminem:ningen that's .00005 percent of my power

  29. ElSir

    This song is one of the most motivational songs in existence.


    Mi mejor parte fue cuando dijo HzzhshdjjddjdmdkdmdkdkwkskwkwkwmwmsmsmsmskdjdjdjdjdjdjdndjdkdjdndjdkmddmdmmdkddkdkdkdbdndnsnbsvVBdbdueudjdnsnwnwjwjejejene

  31. Trez

    I need someone make a nightcore of this song =))

  32. Diogo Teixeira

    Sou o comentário brasileiro que vc está procurando, nostalgia 🎶🎵

  33. きむらひかる


  34. Tân Nguyễn

    2020 who still listern this song?

  35. Ruby Juarez

    Nice music👌🏿👍🏿

  36. James Mario

    One of the darkest mv of all time. Em's godlike lyricism and flow distracts you from the stalking, murder, and suicide embedded in this piece of art. I can't imagine any other rapper bold enough to stage the violence the same way Em did. Maybe Em's dissing us in this mv; especially those who will dropped their moral intolerance to violence as long as it was served in an artistic, golden platter.

  37. Lulu Seatown Getdown

    SARS COVD - 2 ( Covid-19) Guess who’s back , back again ....

  38. Khaled Redd

    The music the lyrics what can I say this is a masterpiece thank you Eminem 👏🙏🙏

  39. apzie101yt

    He raps faster than my WiFi

  40. Zimyc -

    When you get near somebody and you start coughing and feeling the urge to travel the world 0:09

  41. Mohamed Ara

    مصري مر من هنا 😂😂😂

  42. Emmanuel Grasmere

    I can't imagine the emotions and past experiences that bring such songs to life

  43. Rayu Kith

    Eminem raps so fast!!!

  44. By josema

    I ear now I am crying 😢

  45. Sandip Kumar Chakraborty

    Be honest guys,this was not in recommendations we searched for it

    1. JaySidouMusic

      i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

  46. YEETrash

    I truly believe he is a musical genius.

  47. Zach Ryan

    Who’s doing background vocals? Sounds like juicewrld again

  48. Emmanuel Grasmere

    I'm not afraid of Covid-19

  49. Robin Hurst

    This my shit!! Detroit vs EVERYBODY!!!

  50. mohammed yahya


  51. Random Person

    Who else is still here in 2020? My dad loved this song, my brother loves, my mum loves it and so do I. It helped me a lot even if I wasn't alive when it came out.

  52. abeismain

    I’m in the circle

  53. Louxie


  54. Luis Maldonado

    Se la pelas a Bely... gesels.info/video/video/p8-oqbCogZxrlHM.html

  55. Sophia Amuzie

    2020. 😍💝😍🍭🍭🍭🍭🍬🍫🍫😜🚔🚒🚒🚨🚑🚑🍧🍧

  56. Bokang tleane

    Are you actually reading this

  57. Tim Morrow

    Why are you hiding this GEsels? Put it on trending instead off all of these men gone soft wearing make up thinking they're women. This generation embarsses me

  58. iiCyberRifle

    *forever lonely*

  59. sky bull

    한국사람이 보이지 않네 ㅜㅜ 왠지 이곡은 미국내의 끊이지 않는 총기사고를 경고하고 경각심을 일으키는 영상인거 같네 ㅜㅜ

  60. tadow

    tears rolling down my cheeks

  61. Guilherme Souza Campos


  62. G4LAXY V12

    2x OMG

  63. Carmen Michel solano patron


  64. Thompter S. Hunson

    *The rhymes on the 2nd verse are tighter than MGKs asshole* I just wanted to leave this here.

  65. Carmen Michel solano patron


  66. Julian Plays Some Games

    Bruh, the captions can’t even keep up

  67. Святослав Метличенко


  68. Jaden Mccartney

    Bro who are these porn stars ? 😂

  69. JulieJules Longman


  70. Tony Masuku

    What I like about Rap God, we came to congratulate the fast rap and dance only. What else can we do?

  71. carla santos

    who watch this on 2020 one like if you are one of me :D

  72. Wero Cervantes

    4:24 part amazing

  73. syvan razalo


  74. jose ruiz

    De L U J O!!

  75. Anonimo V

    Porque tanto deslike?

  76. oxy 75


  77. v1 Odssey

    I m not afraid u corrona virus with what ever cold or warm let u know u not alone guys God bless

  78. Melanie Sousa

    Fucking back again! Eminem is legend

  79. Artur Sle

    Sasha Grey, porno star

  80. Silly Sausage123

    Humans when the quarantine is over:GuESs WhOS BaCK

  81. Harvey Wroot

    This is Eminem’s most underated song , Idc what anybody says

  82. Iran Gomes

    Lemvra os Tempos de adolescente! Muito bom.

  83. Zanvolt

    The subtitles cannot keep up with him during the fast part

  84. Francisco Jose

    Esse é o comentario BR que você estava procurando haha

  85. Jack Parsons

    Quarantine 2020 anyone?

  86. Shané Fraenkel

    its 2020.....still one of theee best song/music videos of all time. No matter what your view is of Eminem , no one can doubt his story telling. He is , and will always be a GOAT....much respect .....D.R

  87. Audet Pierre-Luc

    Me favority music song one love mashall mathers

  88. cesar belen

    Is any one watching in 2020? no one? thats sad 😥

  89. Thompter S. Hunson

    07:18 look at the back, even the girls that play the violin are rocking their heads with Eminem. ❤

  90. Alexs Mercer22

    The beats brought me here

  91. Snoopy-roblox

    Me:*listening to peaceful music* Radio: now rap god Eminem: 4:26 Me: ;-;

  92. pablo eskebab

    Eminem raps faster than my dad can abandon me

  93. jason palacios

    2020 still banging


    RIP Nipsey Hussle <3 We Miss Ur Bro <!

  95. ismail doğan

    Ben fero'ya söyletsek 1 asır sürer jjdssshssjskkssndldnfld

  96. agustinnn


  97. 715 Kursk partisans


  98. Opx_ Chills


  99. Nicolas Sarmiento Oficial

    esta fuegooooooooooooooo

  100. No wankers allowed

    Mitochondrial mother's DNA.. I looked it up when pregnant.. freaking out having a girl.. that actually did freak me out. I didn't want a princess.. I wouldn't cope. I knew I had to raise her to be strong and tough because I know what's out there. Realistic about the world that exists is important for parents. It doesn't mean people can't have fun or a sense of humour.. but living in a fantasy world of no threat was never realistic. The creative people can still represent very real truths and that's what I wanted the churches to acknowledge and understand. They saved me many times, through their own passion for what they did. They prepared me for realities that actually exist.. allowing me time to think upon that and how would I prepare myself. That's what made this whole thing so ridiculous to me personally. I'm not in the church.. nor am I a part of the greater world because it's hard to find decent, honest, open conversation these days. With people who aren't out to just gain or fuck you over. Gee, what a great world not just for my kids but all the kids and adults of the world. Fuck being forced to study religion.. fuck being constantly told you can't say that. That's why I would walk away.. from everyone and anyone. If people can't have a simple conversation without an argument or shoot out.. don't tell me our world is even worth saving. Those who love to complain in secret yet when it's time to make their voices heard go and run and hide.. it annoys me. I get sick of listening to them. Fuck you then .. just don't complain to me anymore. Don't get offended when I walk away. I was open to listening to peoples opinion.. that wasn't me who had that issue. Seems to me there's still a lot of liars in the world. Thank God for men like Eminem that are willing to play the seemingly bad man at times.. and broach the things others don't want to talk about publicly. Thank God.