I'm a singer... I'm from tacoma WA and everyone tells me I have the best voice of all their friends. I'm planning to someday get discovered and become famous. My inspirations are britney spears, avril lavigne, spice girls (i know they are old school, but they have so much talent!), and of course josh groban. I hope you enjoy my singing!

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  1. Katlego Debbie

    That's not your belly

  2. Carol Butler-Landers

    Don't be so stupid

  3. Autumn Bale

    Can you please can on tour to Peterborough

  4. Marion Taylor

    She peed on a worm hahaha

  5. Marion Taylor


  6. Ali The gamer

    Colleen bestie’s with Ariana Grande Miranda bestie’s with Charlie D’emilio

  7. Celly/Cyfo/Zeiike

    Was there a pack of sausages at the start am I delusional

  8. Babymerci Ragub

    It's okay Miranda it's okay 😅😔😊

  9. Mischka Gonzalez

    She says she’s locked in and the lock is on the side of the door thats facing her haha (btw i know its just a joke im just saying)

  10. Olivia Jessop

    Stop crying baby I love him stop crying jojo,s even lauging😂😂😍

  11. Babymerci Ragub

    Haters back off 🙄😎🔙📴

  12. EbonyHood

    * colleen literally ripping her own skin of for the vid * Me: noooooooooooooooo

  13. Marli Smit


  14. L U N A

    *aHhHHhHHHHhhHhHHHHHHhHhhhhHHH mOoOOOOOOooooOOOOoOOMmmM!!!!!!!!*

  15. Livvy.R. Rwot-omiya

    Miranda at 9:38. "Patricia did u lock the door". Me:😂😂😂How is that freaking possible????

  16. Georgina Pickard

    1:29 me going insane because I haven't been outside for so long

    1. K!DS CLUB

      Me Too XD

  17. אלכס רדומיסלנסקי

    יראמ גכרמימימימימיצ מנ רו עמ

  18. Jasmine Walker

    Cover your bellycles ( haha remember chesticles) 😅😂🤣😁😆😄😃

  19. Milance Krivokapic


  20. Nga csl

    Don you think miradan is a bit rude

  21. Jasmine Walker

    Me: sees birds (or was it bats?) Miranda: look at those cheakens Me: hahahahahahahahahahahah😅😂😅😂

  22. Stef me

    Miranda: too careful so she won't get corona virus Also Miranda: doesn't care if she gets anything from poop or worm...

    1. K!DS CLUB

      True XD

  23. K!DS CLUB

    Nobody: Not a single person: Not even me: Miranda: I think baby's started the CoronaVirus!

  24. Aina Suraya

    I already subsribe to jojo

  25. Luca EJ

    When there was no red lipstick 💄

  26. Luca EJ

    Ahhh omg over time she really changes

  27. Jasmine Walker

    This was posted on my bday 😅😂🤣

  28. Luca EJ

    Omg I just went to sort by oldest added and the 1st video is 12 yes ago

  29. Tom Jeffs

    Ewww there’s so many peeled skin on your heel

  30. Cooper Pietromonaco

    insead of abs flabs jk

  31. The Secret agent

    I love how she cares about the worm more than her son 🤣

  32. Nurse Kimberly

    Too too cute 💋💋💋💋

  33. Tom Jeffs

    How would you burp if you haven’t eaten any food😤

  34. Illona Sohl

    Your kid is cute

  35. Álvaro Izquierdo

    7:32 I rlly thought she was doing that for a moment XD

  36. [사나]sanaconda

    I can't believe miranda shows us her stomach!!!! too much skin that's so PORN!!!!!

  37. Tom Jeffs

    Miranda: she’s a bad musician Me: well you try it 😄

  38. michelle anthony

    miranda what is your tic tok name

  39. Genc Tasholli

    How dare you make fun of ariel shes on a Disney movie ZOMBIES 2

  40. evie may

    Loving this series !!!!! Super well made good job Colleen xx

  41. Ortiz Oscar

    Miranda is bootifol💕 👇🏻

  42. Ella Wright

    I love it

  43. VJ

    Litteraly the best vid ever!

  44. Dayavone Channel

    Yuck onions ew i dont like onions ew

  45. Kennet Lundkvist

    😒🤣😒 eww

  46. Jessica Somerville

    The babies name is pinto beans?

  47. Alex Merritt

    Parker: she’s not Miranda sing >:)!!!!!!!!!

  48. Jessica Somerville

    Is Patrick gonna be in the episodes with the baby

  49. Noob Gamer


  50. Lois Loves Cheese

    i swear charli is in every video i watch

  51. Grey Vlogs

    I want to see Erik react to this Miranda quarantine series! Anyone else?

  52. Uinise Taufa

    Did use notice that she names every thing pachrisha

  53. Nothando Ndhlovu

    I love your lip stick

  54. Kendall Kahl

    I legit spent 10 minutes googling whether or not Jerry Seinfeld was dead 😂😓

  55. mary margarette navarro

    There is a sign at the back of your Pants called haters back of then why are you being a hater then booo

  56. AJ Girls

    I was born a year before this video

  57. Gacha Arixe

    *how you doeng prateacha*

  58. Kacie Madden

    This was so funny. I honestly laughed so hard. ❤️

  59. Poorbacon 123098-Roblox

    Lock jojo siwa in your merch room if you have

  60. Shirley Dayne Vincoy

    PATRICIA!!!!!! *popular vine*

  61. ItzRoland

    "Ariana: Go ahead and talk your sh*t" "Miranda: it means poo"

  62. Poorbacon 123098-Roblox

    Miranda: it says its toxic Also Miranda: **Proceeds to put in face**

  63. Dang Its Jill

    7:31-7:34 You got me there XD

  64. QueenOFGAMING


  65. Valerie Benitez

    There was a piece of 💩 on her face

  66. Arctic Adventures

    The blonde girl is ARIANA

  67. rizal mondia

    I like jojo siwa hair pony tail and i like jojo song😍😍

  68. Andrew Garcia

    1 like= one more chance Miranda and Brichisha will get out and get food I know I spelt the worm’s name wrong sorry

  69. QueenOFGAMING


  70. Wow Poops


  71. bjorn Olson

    Is in bathroom, goes outside to dispose of cat poop 🥴😂

  72. Selah Canja

    Miranda: ReNagadE

  73. Abigayl Weldtnsea

    I didn’t know she had a GEsels channel then and she doesn’t have the same voice

  74. Joestar •

    my immature ass when i see her with the water weenie

  75. Itsme2005

    Pinto bean u r bullying patricia😂🤣🤣🤣🤣i died

  76. priyesh priyan

    James said deliches for marandas burp

  77. Heidi Garcia

    Wow she got the whole squad laughing

  78. holly Hall

    7 rings

  79. Heidi Garcia

    Okey this is annoying Miranda is annoying she’s not even funny and Billie is a girl NOT A BOY and she is so annoying and she’s really not even funny and to that she’s giving hate to her and again Billie is a girl not a boy and Billie is a really sensitive person and she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever heard of and her singing is the best. And your parents never touted you respect girl

  80. Joestar •

    50 bucks its her mom and her sister emily lmao

  81. Deanna Espinoza

    Was there poop on her face

  82. QueenOFGAMING

    Wow Miranda WOW.

  83. Arieanna Moore

    Miranda just cry because ariana just fell its just aport of it😐😐😐😐😐

  84. Landon Graham

    l hate you miranda

  85. Alina Bursuc

    I follow you on tik tok please follow me back

  86. Milance Krivokapic


  87. Mimi Mic vibes

    Did u noticed that miranda burbd alot

  88. Leah Ashley


  89. Arieanna Moore


  90. Ceser

    2020 gang where u at 😂

  91. Stephanie Kentopp

    u pretty

  92. Ceser


  93. Emily Martinez

    The treat is really bad for you and it won’t give you anything so you’re pretty dumb Miranda

  94. シcloudy

    Your voice makes me want to rip mg ears off and blend them

  95. Dolores Balace

    That's an glider not an airplane

  96. ArcticFoxy .

    ;there is nothing bad happening in our world right now. ;2020(corona virus, I was bullied, and we are all on lockdown

  97. Marius Fourie

    I watched the first one just yesterday, creeepy

  98. XxWatermelon ワーミーxX

    Funny thing is, my brother' name is Elliot- :l

  99. Cefi Zagada


  100. Milance Krivokapic