Beauty By Ryland

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  1. Amy Sinyard

    I have the Litter-Robot and it’s amazing! It’s super easy to use and the clean up is minimal. I have asthma and this helps keep down the amount of dust in the air. Also the smell in my apartment is SO much better with the Litter-Robot. My cat loves it and so do I!

  2. Aishwarya Duggal

    Ryland is so cute

  3. Jayna Howey

    Love the KY by the bed

  4. Jayna Howey

    Love the KY by the bed

  5. Solas Ren


    1. Solas Ren


  6. Michelle L.

    The space needle part gave me anxiety lol

  7. Mon sil 몽실

    The intro is so fuckin epic I love it

  8. Claire

    I 👏would👏die 👏for👏Garrett👏

  9. harrxiet

    this like mr kate tbh xD

  10. Xochitl Calderon

    Can u turn your house in to MEXICO👌👍👍👍🤑😜

  11. Bryn Diesel

    I’m sorry, but Ryland your preening and peacocking is getting beyond off putting. It’s insanely annoying. Please take a page from Morgan’s, your mom’s, or Shane’s book and tone it the fuck down. I seriously cringe 95% of your videos. It’s not cute. Calm your ego down and be more like the beautiful people surrounding you bc this shtick ain’t it, sweetheart. 🤢🤮🤦‍♀️

  12. Bryn Diesel

    “I don’t want the chewing to annoy people!” 9 minutes too late, bruh 🤦‍♀️🙉

  13. IanEdits

    Lmaoo I've had 2 blood disorders and a bone marrow transplant. All this hype about one bag of IV fluids and literally one IV is SENDING me

  14. Bryn Diesel

    When’s Ryland join RHOBH?!

  15. Ella Downey

    “It’s the milder of summer” me looking outside while it’s poring: oh you really thought

  16. Your Mom

    I'm brushing my teeth.

  17. Penelope Salazar

    When shane Dawson has more makeup then you

  18. Yohan

    Is it weird I’m 15 and my parents are both 61 my dad and 51 my mom

  19. Samuelko

    "I just didn't want to JURT your feelings" 12:23 😂😂

    1. Leopard Bra Brado

      Can you do this but for greyhound, you'll take greyhound to any city in the US that your pin lands on.

  20. Desarae Garcia

    Why does he remind me of a toddler 😂

  21. Soxy

    o.o I still wanna fuck you, Shane <3 Love you both so much <3

  22. autumn johnson

    its weird to me that Ryland didn't use a cutting broad for the vegi

  23. Your Mom

    I love how much Shane cares for Ryland! "If you die, I'll kill myself." True love... kinda.

    1. Leopard Bra Brado

      loved this!

  24. zeldagurlfan1

    2:25. i. cant.

  25. Eleuterio Vela

    The lobby of that hotel kind of reminded me of the Hotel from AHS: Hotel

  26. Stefanie Nguyen

    Ryland: "i don't wanna show it all" Also Ryland: *literally shows it all in the mirror*

  27. Eleuterio Vela

    I love how Shane drags you over the booger lmfao #CoupleGoals

  28. Miss Lindsayyy

    Ummm yea the people getting bent out of shape over this video have clearly never actually been dirt poor. I found this to be hilarious and insightful. I think y’all should do another one but with activities for fun under like $5! Like entertainment!! Such as getting blocks of ice, going to a park with a hill and sliding down on your block of ice! SO much fun! And dollar theaters, free library/rec center activities, adult hide and seek! The list goes on and on! I’d live for that video!! :D Also: GARRET IS LIFE!! His genuine enthusiasm for you guys reaching out to him and him frantically pulling that together for y’all (whether it was pre planned or not) is so heartwarming!! You guys are lucky to have each other as friends!

  29. Eleuterio Vela

    Lmfao I for a sec read the "Ryland Bell Hole" 🖕🤣🖕

  30. Becca Reigh

    I live like this almost always. 😂😂😂 I eat food at home that my mom bought 9 times out of 10 😂😂 because I am lucky enough to not have to buy my own basic groceries I don’t leave the house much except to go to dog sitting jobs or go have movie days/ nights at one of my friends houses. I don’t order food anymore which was a hard change to make but I needed to start saving money the only thing I bought recently was buying a pair of shoes (that my mom thankfully paid for half of because shoes are damn expensive)

  31. aliyah’s wrld

    i’m glad you guys liked my hometown !!

  32. Anna Lynn

    Hi Ryland,I know that you won’t see this but I’m posting this as a chance that you might. I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me through so much lately. Recently I’ve been having the worst panic attacks of my life to where I cannot breathe, my inhaler doesn’t help and makes me have more anxiety, I can’t calm down and I go into a seizure like state. But I’ve found that when I turn on your videos they help me get through it and I cannot thank you and Shane and Morgan and everyone enough for that. Thank you.

  33. Rose xx

    rewatching this september 2019 lol

  34. Elanna Maree

    I just wanna be in ur friend group 😍😍so I can be accepted for me

  35. Eli

    If u have the audacity to talk about fucking ur cat and then call it a joke something is seriously wrong with u 🚫🧢

  36. Geneva Cazares

    I live in Washington and they were in Seattle!! That's lit!!

  37. pinkhearteu

    omg i live in seattle and I swear I saw ryland, so i didnt wanna go up and disturb his vlog, but I saw him, he looked at me and smile. :))

  38. Kianna Miranda

    What was the second hotel you stay at??

  39. Kyrie Wolfi Diantonio

    Just randomly remembered we never got an update on Andrew and that one girl and what happened

  40. Aurora Skuba

    shane low key sounds like my parents when hes doesnt want you to leave,😂😂😂

  41. isabella nelson

    i see u andrew, reppin kansas city

  42. Shelby Rogers

    My kitten attacks me out of nowhere too lol

  43. Malaya 2 Times

    You can also wrap the G wagon a color you want lol

  44. jazmyn serrini

    I love alki beach it’s so weird seeing you guys in my city. You guys should have went to the pink door

  45. Olivia Cox

    Mama Adams: “maybe you should try this one, Morgan maybe you should try this one it seems a little safer” honestly what my parents say to me 😂

  46. Madison Nicole

    Should have gone to NE

  47. kiikat

    Surprised it's not cheaper

  48. Cindy White

    Ive been watching you for months and just realized I hadn't hit subscribe button well I am a subscriber now don't judge I'm older than you guys

  49. Maya Douglass

    The one video i dont watch right when he posted it it is the video he comes to 20 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

  50. Lori Martin

    Why do I feel like james is actually mean af

  51. Jhukhirtha Marhi

    How did Taco Bell let you walk through their Drive-thru??? I have been turned down every time.

  52. Iris Simmons

    What the fuck. I live in Seattle and I didn’t run into you :((

  53. Anna O

    loved this!

  54. Anna Hovakimian

    Can you do this but for greyhound, you'll take greyhound to any city in the US that your pin lands on.

  55. thebluetripper

    Recognized many places from itsjudyslife

  56. Krystal P

    Did this friendship end too?

  57. Sherry Lynne

    So silly. :) the pool party was the best.

  58. Krystal P

    Kick the weird and gain a wig and he would LITERALLY look like a beautiful woman lol

  59. Kaua Lopez

    Why does Garret’s laugh sound better on Shane’s channel??

  60. Krystal Flores Reyes

    Why didn’t you guys come to Idaho!!!! I live in idahooo I wanted to see you guys I got so excited when it landed on ID

  61. Alexia Renée

    This video needs Garrett 💔

  62. emilia gonzalez

    why is Shane me in a relationship

  63. Cindy Carrasco


  64. jhennicide

    i love shane. he is the best. so weird and funny i always laugh out loud. he tickles my funny bone and i can't get enough!

  65. Asmr Master

    I was like u are skinny legend and Shane is mr pig lol love u

  66. Caala Lewis

    That lobby looks like the lobby from AHS: Hotel

  67. Hyper Trophy Winner

    Too gay. 👎

  68. Bella

    I literally live in Washington what the Frick

  69. Gracelyn Kenney

    I live in Idaho eeeeh

  70. Nasexsav Kifs

    16:28 Oh my god give him some privacy!

  71. leila h

    7:23 shane looks like pennywise

  72. jackie r

    Wonder what the second hotel was that they stayed at. It was gorgeous with those views!

  73. Trippy Hippie

    The way Ryland said Shane’s name at 10:04 sent me 😂😂

  74. alexx woodwick

    Omg why does the lobby look like the hotel from American Horror story the season with lady gaga?? Anybody else agree

  75. The Psycho One

    I live in Georgia

  76. alexx woodwick

    Come to PORTLAND!!! I live here and it really is the shit! Anything and everything is here. And yes very artsy! You can find so much to do you wouldn't normally.

  77. Charlotte Russell

    I just need more videos

  78. wink wink

    am i the only one who thinks the back part of the dress is beautiful 🤭 like the upper back of the dress is rly pretty and the sleeves 🥺

  79. Heath Martin

    Nice butt 😋 ryland

  80. peaches


  81. Heath Martin

    Ryland like your best

  82. Kathryn Baker

    My brother and his now husband won a free wedding in Seattle 5 years ago! It was the best trip I’ve ever taken...the city is beautiful and has to much to offer!

  83. Tori Davis

    What did chic fill a do I’m unawares

  84. Heath Martin

    Instant freeze Hairspray spray tan your face after you're finished helps hold on your makeup

  85. Priscila Villa

    Seattle? *Automatically thinks of icarly*

  86. Kiah Rico

    *how to grow a beard in 12 hours xD

  87. Kimmy Rios

    Dude that’s creepy

  88. Alice Eff

    Ryland you look amazing in those sunglasses!!! 😎

  89. Sharon Snipes

    Hey from Nebraska! Lol

  90. gemina whit

    Nice video 🙂

  91. Arushi Sinha

    Morgan is gorgeous!!

  92. Ja'Tara Turner

    When Shane said "MY TURRRRN!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  93. Addison Cornelius

    petition to get ryland's booger its own channel: like this comment

  94. Jordin Plays ROBLOX

    21:23 that song was my old acro song

  95. Makenzie Rosol

    I didn't notice the booger, but Shane's fake vomit noises were gross 😂

  96. Equestrian Olivia Schmechel


  97. Heath Martin

    You and shane are beautiful thy way yall are hugs from OHIO

  98. Joanie Jackson

    omg Cheeto hahaha

  99. Gregorio Alvarez

    No one: Ryland: donit

  100. Pat Gonzales

    Shane u do look good n I love u guys u guys are ment for each others