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  1. Dread Domino

    Pewdiepie being "rich" doesn't matter. He cannot replace pictures, paintings, jewelry, gifts, and memories stolen from him. Please, stop saying that he is fine. Believing that rich people or successful people are happy when they're not is often what leads to suicide. Money is not happiness. Money is money. Happiness is happiness.

  2. JackTheRipper 774

    How do i get the poopdie app? I been waiting for it but I don’t remember it ever actually coming out and when i search for it nothing shows up?

  3. John Christian Ballesteros

    PewDiePie needs an another GEsels Rewind for this year so that people can stop suiciding themselves

  4. Bailee Raines

    I will eat baby Yoder

  5. TheNelppu - Brawl Stars

    Im a big noob



  7. Paximadas35



    Three days after my birthday

  9. Jamy Valentine

    Pepe 10 that's above average!

  10. dark phoenix

    Do fish cry tears? *X Files music starts*

  11. CharlieBrown567

    Pewds should make a barrier to stop the corruption. He should also make a piggy bank to store coins


    Pewds= give me a lambo EA EA= I don't think I will

  13. ImChill

    Petition for Pewdiepe to make another GEsels rewind

  14. Sunshi :

    Henrai addiction always start with thinking an anime character is hot...😔

  15. karolka3500

    Can we talk about how good the thumbnail of this video is ? I died laughing.

  16. Netanel Aronoff

    R u gay?

  17. zipfield55


  18. xd Strantex

    Reddit has balls

  19. Bumpkin Boi

    hey, pewdipie uploaded this on my bday, forgot to comment when i saw it lol

  20. You ate the lasagna Jon

    I just noticed that Felix ate a dandelion.

  21. Preme Bhakinpongsakorn

    Sweden is blue and yellow

  22. Mr.Freshboy

    More terraria

  23. Shayan Khan


  24. JojePlayzX

    Well atleast his fair he accepted his defeat

  25. G73DZ

    Too many bridge jokes

  26. Conor Stanley

    Why can't I like this more than once!

  27. Thirdy Oliva

    The Statue of Liberty turned green Even Felix's swedish meatballs turned green in mincecraft

  28. ROLRBX

    Im crying as this was in youtube rewind. And its the first time i cry at a youtube video •́ ‿ ,•̀

  29. Marcus Munn

    Why the hell doesn't this video have 28 million likes?

  30. don't ask

    pewds should make his own minecraft server

  31. FallsHD


  32. Jacob Rolston

    Lol the person who posted the entry at 7:33 purposely had their power level on the ultimate number...

  33. Ervin

    First half: I Mine All Day Second half: FULLY STACKED DIAMONDS! Efforts payin off

  34. Justian Edzard Maulana

    Felix sees a jojo reference: "Is that FMA?" Star Platinum: **sad ora noises**

  35. chunchunmaru -kun

    then kpop is also krap?

  36. Emil Aliev

    228 миллиона просмотра

  37. Yashvardhan Singh

    Petition for pewdiepie to play plants vs. Zombies

  38. Kermit IsAFrog

    Fortnite is gay

  39. Jay Williams


  40. Stampy Cat 69

    is anyone here a year later after he hit 100 mill

  41. Mutien Marie Tangcaag

    18:02 i was shocked when he saud TWICE i thought he meant the group i stan the most GAHAHAHHAHA IM LAUGHING

  42. RSN_Reborn

    Who else is here after watching Lazarbeams video... Like if you did 👇🏽

  43. Katsuragi Keima

    Grand child : Granpa what it the beautifull story in your life? Felix when get old : Its a long story, but i will tell you some story that i will never forget Anyone : Who threw onions here?

  44. Prostě Kopec

    11:21 - Why do you keep jewelry and valuables in a house you are not really often?

  45. YEAH_BOI

    0:00 *me playing Rasputin in just dance*

  46. йопсель мопсель

    Хм тут есть русские

  47. Mr Flippo

    0:56 ItS fRoM JOJO!!1! How CaN hE not KnoW tHaT?!?1!?!1

  48. TheAlmdal

    Don't donate to that tree scam... Watch Thunderf00t's video on the matter, it would take 2 x 20 mill trees to get planted every single day for a whole year to reduce the carbon footprint of the US alone. It will make no difference to plant 20 million trees, and it will take about 30-40 years for those trees to grow and reach their full effect. There are no quick fixes for the carbon emission problems, people need to make changes in their mentality and their way of life, and not own multiple gas guzzling cars and what not. You can't just plant some trees and think you can continue living and consuming and have the trees negate the effects your lifestyle has.. It's so fucking dumb.

  49. reduranium

    #1 trending for gaming?

  50. Bamham

    pewds, you literally told us you watched jojo

  51. dark phoenix

    *Gaming channel forced for gaming*

  52. Tachibana Kyosuke

    “What’s up Nick...” Me : *hold breath*

  53. JJ SANIC Loominarty

    ‘I would inhale baby yoda ‘ -pewdiepie

  54. ҉T҉F҉]҉ ҉M҉i҉l҉o҉꧁ ༒


  55. Mike Rianto

    I think pewdiepie need make another youtube rewind right now

  56. rezaseed

    this is clash royale in a better way

  57. Cassidy Samuels

    Who else is here after this was announced to be in GEsels Rewind?

  58. Bhumika paudel

    I never see his full video bt jst click it and like it i m also the new subsciber

  59. ctr alt dead

    kills bunny pewds: sorry I won't do that again 10 bunnys later pewds: sorry I won't do that again

  60. Chloeee Chloeee

    6:05 swore!

  61. Sassy CSS

    The creation of Herobrine is of Swedish origin, Get it ?

  62. Mislav Kušlan

    He say England is my city that is idiot

  63. Amir Hamzah

    When do you want to do teraria vid☹️☹️☹️

  64. Shivansh Gade

    Like = bitch lasagna

  65. arti dangwal

    Mr. Beast stole hir title of most non music video. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  66. thunder beast

    Kids asks : subscribe Men's asks for : likes Legends asked for : dislikes😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  67. Maikel Bogmans


  68. Doppio.

    We should all just go and spam pewds subreddit with jojo memes to confuse him even more

  69. HYPE Wrath

    "Im tickeling You... *To Death and Suffering*

  70. Levi Kewl

    Yt rewind is out ur reactions pls

  71. Ibrahim Yaseen

    he does not know what he is talking about.

  72. Dungener

    i dont see poopdie on the play store

  73. TheMaksimVlog


  74. David Rusu

    You have a secundary channel?

  75. RanSL

    I'm really glad the pewd addressed the all racism and hate towards people from India because he clearly knows that not everyone from India is a supporter of Tseries and he has millions of followers from India and the situation became less PewDiePie vs Tseries more PewDiePie vs India which is clearly not and his 9 year olds are showing hate to other 9 year olds, I'm glad that PewDiePie did this video.

  76. edge lord

    Its jojo's. You should watch it like you said you would...

  77. ichbinjasokreativ

    hang green is such a looser i hate that guy

  78. Aaron

    They should make a game where *Minecraft+Terraria= MINARIANS*

  79. Luthfi Zatnika

    Please substitute, I'm from indo

  80. James Buscos

    500 milyon lezgo pew!!!!

  81. CaptainSlayerHD //Gaming

    Just please watch this wth GEsels Rewind , GEsels guys are really omg

  82. JackTheRipper 774

    10:42 what other bad thing?

  83. zetcs. nautez-nerus

    Jeg elsker deg 💜

  84. Swastik Singh

    Where is the honeymoon part?

  85. Robert Graham

    3:30 new slipknot song lol

  86. yassefa

    Felix:the person who robbed my house has small pp The robber: damit i have to return the stuff now

  87. 게임을좋아하는남자 육상

    like korea 영어 어려워

  88. the flash the flash

    noob your chaanel

  89. Cyber Circuit Gamiing


  90. IcanSeeU

    Thank God animals exist

  91. Mykeli and the family

    One grave for peepeepooopooo

  92. Мария Николаева


  93. Anthony Poore


  94. natsu dragneel

    yo pewds that anime that u say fma is actualy jojo bizzare adventure stardust crusadeer

  95. Leo Corbitt

    I wish people like felix who have such a huge influence on young people would promote things like second hand clothing rather than fast fashion labels. I do totally appreciate him influencing people to dress liberally in whatever feels like them though, thats really cool. Also, this isnt a dig at him either lol im just saying it would be really beneficial for like climate change and shizzle

  96. SpaghettiNerd 2019

    I can not stop smiling while watching this

  97. imjustheretobeentertained

    Your chair made it into rewind

  98. Gunruy

    6.25 ım on the class mom call me later :D

  99. Doppio.

    Felix: “is that full metal alchemist” *piano music starts playing*

  100. Idan Boros

    Pewds: knowing it's a JoJo reference and saying it is fma for JoJo fans to comment JoJo fans: fell for it