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  1. LittleGamer401

    25:56 pewdiepie is donald trump? Is Connor a Mexican?

  2. Hallie Lucille

    damn this episode got dark

  3. Jack Rush

    This is the most hardcore Minecraft song ever, especially at 2:30 and on

  4. Uve Been Drafted

    Donald trump: i have a vr game wanna try its about ww3 me: ok donald trump: just sign here

  5. Kim Gaarde


  6. FoKidz

    I brofisted my screen so hard it broke. f

  7. dxth

    You need the "113" tank

  8. Klipador Respeita

    Quem veio pelo CANAL TOP10 deixa o Like!

  9. Twisted Lama

    Rip my Life

  10. StarlyGirl05

    Do it then it’s time. I dare you

  11. GD ElectroBaz

    3:23 He predicted Greta Thunberg😂😂

  12. Coast -2- Coast

    Life is boring without PewDiePie

  13. Klapz.

    Is he done making videos forever

    1. Shivang Singh


  14. Blackchickenhobo

    I'm watching the series over again becuz he took a break and I have nothing to do

  15. Manuel Giolo

    Like si Lo vez en 2020 es buenardo el video

  16. Pebbles 1

    Felix, why must you go. What will I do without you, if your gone how is me supposed too find happiness in life. But if you must go, just remember how you left wene people needed you too find there happiness/ BIG PP moment

  17. Aggro Trazic

    Who else wanted to check how many comments this has

  18. utkrisht joshi

    Pewdiepie on a break Everyone :he was like a father to me 9 year olds: who is pewdiepie

  19. GeometricalDabbinator [GD]

    *You were like a father to me!* 😭 Goodbye,pewds! But don't worry,i respect your opinion! Love you!

  20. BizarreCheetah2

    You gonna play huniepop 2 felix 😶

  21. Slasher Kitten

    Pewds, if they don’t like you they don’t have to watch you. It’s simple as that.

  22. Dank_Crusad3r

    Pewds: The trio is finally complete Markiplier: am I a joke to you?

  23. Best Why Not


  24. Bio Hazard

    5:39 what is this epic music name?

  25. HA STN

    This game really makes me think of Tenchu, stealth assassin on the ps1

  26. Alen

    Rewatching every vids cause i miss him.



  28. steven boudouin

    Log 1 :it’s been nearly 4 days everything seems darker without him ,I hope he will come back soon.

  29. Hala Meleka

    She isn't white or black she's yellow

  30. Wilson Carlo Macas

    Day 3: still no sign of beastmaster64

  31. sathyaman

    Already missing him

  32. War Gamer

    Damn every day I been waiting until 1am just to see pewds video and still doing it rn.

  33. Skyline Blitz


  34. Dev Shah

    Lol Pewdiepie will never win the sub count against tseries :D But think about it. Tseries is from India and India has 1.2 billion people :DDD proud of my country and tseries

  35. Senna

    CST gang is the best y’all just jealous 👌🏻

  36. DogeySumes

    That was easy

  37. Niels D'Hooghe

    They need bread

  38. mindinfestation -

    I already play this game since a few months but why cant i claim the reward on ps4? I'm pretty sure this is not such a problem to also let us claim this reward on console.

  39. James Mendolia

    “Shut up Finland! *shows Norway flag*”

  40. Keanu Bravery Nathaniel X

    I hate pewdiepe

  41. Anna R

    This video made me afraid of bugs

  42. Lumi G

    nooo don't leave you're so sexy haha

  43. Sienna Shuler

    I’m 12 now I have watched you since I was 7.

  44. Vedo Vedad

    pervert fab sad Spaghetti dab salt rip mad edgar2 wat sexybrad slippy zerod

  45. X PsychoTimes X

    Day 3 and I’m getting my withdrawal symptoms kicking in. I don’t know how much longer I’ll last. I fear the worst. Pray for me. - 9 Year Old

  46. Каиржан Джаканов

    Do you speak Russian?!

  47. First Name Last Name

    Hej hej monika hej på dig månika!!!!

  48. Sikatix


  49. Xanaciv


  50. 300 Ping


  51. 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Wants 1M dislikes. Gets 4M dislikes. Task successfully failed.

  52. Âʅєҳ

    Soy el único español 😱😱😱

  53. Marcel Huchwajda

    Japan is the most traditional but also the most degenerate country

  54. Clair De Lune


  55. arumadbr

    please play this at my funeral

  56. Risu

    The funniest thing is how he absolutely can't use air quotations correctly.

  57. ExoTic 225


  58. Nadeem Khan

    T series is looser

  59. First Name Last Name


  60. itsCanadiaHD

    It’s not disrespect to state that France has gone to shit. Literally don’t have glowing clean water smh

  61. Ryan Nolfi

    Imagine pewds just being in front of a greenscreen while in his house

  62. First Name Last Name


  63. First Name Last Name


  64. First Name Last Name


  65. Kyle Cheng

    can they all die?

  66. First Name Last Name


  67. First Name Last Name


  68. Valeriu Vasian

    water sheep rememberings also, brave warrior, look, i got from a comment elder a shield and sword. Im starting to get old. Here they are 🗺🗺 wrong emoji

  69. Hana Adil

    What does lwiay stand for?

  70. Gabz Gabz

    I am watching this cuz Pewds is away. I miss him already ; u;

  71. Kids Show

    Latest comment

  72. в жопу раз

    Pewds I love you 💖... Bye.

  73. S K R I I K T_悪魔

    Ué, q espécie de luba é este?

  74. dobletimeTom Mellums

    But why you fans do that. U no longer be fans. You disrespectfull people. That aint bro

  75. Steven Nazario

    Your father is d.. BUTT PLUG

  76. FuZionDolphin764 Videos

    R.I.P The King of Random

  77. Dinocharged 444

    I may be watching this video late but aren't all landlords sh*t? Lol

  78. Suraj sehgal

    Don't be sad bro fathers (t series )are always respected

  79. Lily Dozer



    Have a good break, Felix

  81. Strap-_-

    jeffs barbershop is all scripted so thats why he told jakes weird ass to say no

  82. Payton Kubusheskie


  83. Leslie Ward

    Fitta means pussy or slut in swedish

  84. Оля Шугаева

    Как говорил человек, который практически в каждом видосе вставляет рекламу танков: *в танки играют одни хэи* -Slidan-

  85. Tatou Gucci


    1. Tatou Gucci

      @HilzBuilds jelow vro

    2. HilzBuilds


  86. Xmaster

    2:20 its fake its a comedy news series

  87. BakingYourDreamsComeTrue !

    Recommend this to me today. See you soon!

  88. mackenna lopez

    Go PewDiePie

  89. saiq qas

    Pewdiepie: No I am not quitting media! Media: pewdiepie has died

  90. kroh tg

    Ah man.... The times when pewds' screams were scarier than the game itself and always jump scared me when he shouted "barrels!!"

  91. Yo DaD

    What about Thanos Car?

  92. xPeachy Hartx


  93. Manexkiller03

    i felt that brofist at the end.. that shit made a tear in my eye

  94. Nina Llamas

    me to a tall person : how’s the weather up there?? them: it’s raining *spits*

  95. Kyzer_Wilhelm

    Ah... Simpler times...

  96. XpertGamer


  97. Connor Lipka

    I'll look away you monster

  98. genny


  99. Willisavage YT

    Do a knee cap reveal

  100. Speak Evanese

    Felix: WHAT IS THAT??!! Also Felix: *20 foot long pp*