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  1. Biu

    will at least he's still on bilibili

  2. HotGoldenRod pubgm

    Хехе бой

  3. Daniel Huang

    im in shanghai watching this rn

  4. ThisIsBaris /Baris

    PewDiePie ist gebannt in China Keine Schwäche zeigen.


    Wow you toksic this is because you have been banned from china...

  6. Demian

    My question is.. does chinese people actually like that thing?

  7. Surya thiyagarajan

    Dead 😂

  8. Hadaf Rana

    India ki ma ki choot

  9. Jemi 717

    RIP Bart, gonna miss you man. :(

  10. Igor Scream

    This is total shit except Pewdiepie part

  11. Debabrata Sarkar

    Did he review the meme on dlive? Damn I missed the stream

  12. Snipe G4mer

    Trumps talks : China China China China China China China China millions time more... Pewdiepie: China China : banned pewd's

  13. Landen Keffer

    I feel bad for him to be honest. He has nowhere to go but to put on this mask and pretend just to make money all while being depressed

  14. ZAK BOY

    halo aku orang indonesia salam kenal ya

  15. Frostkyy

    nobody: reddit: *YOU ARE VOTES COUNTS*

  16. SimpleGirl

    I feel really bad for him...

  17. Rasmus B. Jepsen

    The pen, can I get it (this a comment about the pen)

  18. pnzrkmpfwgnsieben

    Tyran: *tries to control people with bans and jail them because they criticized you.* People: Revolts and fucking rips the tyran's head off. Tyran: :O

  19. 李达康书记

    Yes,I cant watch your video in China.because of the damn Chinese goverment

  20. Spectral Chuck

    I guess you could call that guy a Cweeb...

  21. mustafa sıyrık

    WE DİD İT!!!

  22. Letr1ste

    Does Bark Baker also BAKE CAKES?

  23. Whi te

    Ahhh Felix don’t get back into these types of videos. It’ll slowly lead to another controversy

  24. Tigruțu Pisoiul

    Phil Swist : You may have seen a bucket but you haven't seen me f**k it

  25. Aidan Allio

    F*** I live in Beijing and now I gotta use vpn everyday to watch pewds and the traffic is sooo bad smh

  26. Victor Georgiev

    in china what if they search up marzia and there will be pictures of marzia and pewdipie

  27. Jamie Thomson

    I really want that GOD damn pen

  28. Piripiao

    *China is sensitive af, lmao they suck.*

  29. JanDuchovni Ugale

    My Game Controller Broken My Reaction: [email protected] Made in China 😡

  30. Rahman Elahi

    T series: Pewdiepie you lose Pewdiepie: Bitch Lasagna T series: Sorry Sorry Pewdiepie: Congratulations it's a celebration

  31. TheFlipper2020

    that a vape? at 3:20

  32. ÂИƚØ_ĈĦÂИ

    Who is recommended? Like: pewds video Comment: gucci gang

  33. 13abycake • 69 years ago • Updated

    9:35 doraemon

  34. Benoo

    nice pen

  35. Black Rose

    This is why I'm glad I moved out of China.

  36. 13abycake • 69 years ago • Updated

    9:35 doraemon

  37. cn- gozzi

    Pewdipie you should play with me on mod maker for minecraft PE

  38. exotic pet vet

    Sad pewds noise

  39. Antonia Carolina Claudiu Marcidanu

    Wow 🤴of anticommunism

  40. Miki - Chan

    Still #1 in our hearts

  41. Fung9316

    damn, society did this

  42. Michał Tkaczyk

    Looks like Bartbaker is doing some kind of PENance !

  43. King Wanjaa

    Gebannt in China? Keine Schwäche zeigen!

  44. Pasang

    wow what a great pen!

  45. TheEggFelixAskedFor

    I want that pen.

  46. BearFord

    that pen is epic

  47. BRO FIST

    Pewds i want you to join joey graceffa escape the night

  48. Meta Ford

    Pewdiepie get ban in china Me: make obvious and un original VPN joke Me-2019

  49. ninja qade

    wow thats quite a pen you got there pal

  50. Big L

    He's like a fucking South Park character wtf

  51. Piali Chatterjee

    Rich and powerful people in both India and China hate PewDiePie.

  52. muhammad abdullah


  53. TTV Sidkat

    2019 - Pewdipie: "I'm banned in China" 2030 - WoRlD iS BaNnEd FrOm ChInA

  54. Zedong Mao

    Lesson learned Licking China aas will make your life much more easier

  55. Tomas Beckett

    God, I thought that that Vice interviewer's voice was altered, he sounds like someone from Drugs inc.


    i'm chinese, but i've never heard of bart though... btw, i don't really care about what you've talked about HK or whatever any other youtuber has to say to be honest. it's not that i support HK or anything, it's simply because i know you are not getting anything right from your media. and time will eventually prove everything. ps. has been watching pewdiepie via vpn for years. so nothing has changed i guess.

  57. D Z

    cave spider are the worst!!

  58. Lookchard xian

    Pewdiepie: gets banned in China Chinese 9 year-old :minecarft!!!!!!!!

  59. Uknown Uknown

    I woke up, i checked my phone, i clicked on this video, and i realised that me meeting pewdiepie in sweeden was a dream. :(

  60. Nawal M.12

    Tomorrow Pewdiepie: So today sponsor is nord vpn

  61. M Dawe

    Well done. For standing up for Hongkong. Bravo Felix ❤️

  62. hamza khan

    PEWDIEPIE:india fucks INDIANS:still love you pewdiepie

  63. Meow Princess

    9:38 Whamen: *confused pikachu noises*

  64. Trash Bin

    3:07 Why did he say 1948... I don't understand hëlp

  65. Skillerikx

    VPN : "Heh do you think you can stop me?"

  66. America Heart

    This is how many people still thinks that pewdiepie is broke 👇🏽

  67. Quang Huy

    11:11 lol his mic is not even plugged in

  68. Jonathan W

    bruh as a half Chinese, I can guarantee that he is soooooooo off

  69. Bhartiya Gaming Party

    Pewdiepie:banned from China Chocotacos' tunnelbear VPN:HOLD MA BEER!

  70. 姜星辰

    Chinese here,still can watch you video

  71. a H

    Get banned in china = You doing right

  72. Tonytong Tong

    Me, making mockery about Xi looking like Winnie the poon and taking the piss out of communist China everyday in Hong Kong. *chuckle, I’m in danger

  73. Nap Nap


  74. josh Dez

    Pewds craving for hotdogs


    Кто русский залайкайте чтобы они подумали что я написал что-то крутое и можете подписатся если не сложно

  76. Никита Костин


  77. Mostafa Jafari

    Your banned in China that is so sad

  78. Triptech79

    This has to be a parody!

  79. RandomStuffYT

    Why didn’t NordVPN sponsor Pewdiepie for this episode?

  80. iky chanell Rizky

    Im from indonesia

  81. paneri prateek

    Normal Comments..like possible alternate ending can be posted in reply. Thanks

  82. sami Jood


  83. Sagar Jadhav

    Is this how people in West get famous?

  84. Lucas Plotts

    I would like to receive that pen please

  85. david tumanishvili

    Omg Bart is broken to :D

  86. Jamil Talukder


  87. Weston

    minecraft CooOL

  88. Orca Whales

    Just like South Park

  89. Chang Chav


  90. Drea Drake


  91. TheEggFelixAskedFor

    11:57 that laugh warmed my soul UwU

  92. Fengeric

    2019 anyone 👇

  93. Dominic Walster

    🤮🤮 the auto tune..... Stop using it

  94. Benedictus Adiwibowo

    I have a Huawei phone.

  95. hossin alsamman

    No its all real i dont see no chines comments lol

  96. Мария Харитонова

    okay this video legit made me depressed

  97. SCG Pro


  98. Walker

    Just commenting so I can win the pen

  99. verigu metin

    that black interviewer Barbershop: -What do you want fam? -Up. -Say no more.

  100. RandomStuffYT

    China: Bans Pewdiepie... VPN Companies: Allow me to introduce myself...